Simple Iron Ring

Which Virgil Got From A Dream


+ 3 to craft?


Dream Transcript

You have an odd dream. Surrounded by short, hairy men, you hammer at iron on an anvil. You are building buckles for an army’s armor. Another hairy man has a whip and uses it on those he things are working too slowly. You notice you are also short and hairy.

The dream seems to go on for days and days and days….

You decide to avoid the lash and prepare for your escape by crafting a ring. If constructed properly, it will improve the quality of everything you make and you could make a weapon or armor or something when the man with the whip is gone.

Sneaking a bit of iron into your work, you secretly forge the ring for sixteen years….

When it is done, it appears to be nothing more than a simple, iron ring. Putting it on, you wake up.

On waking, you are wearing a simple iron ring….

Simple Iron Ring

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