Dragons are shape-shifters. They often hide in human form. Otherwise, they are dragons: they hunt, they hoard treasure, they squabble amongst themselves, they are old and knowledgeable and magic. Dragons are born into elemental Clans and follow a life-path known as a Calling.

In prehistory, dragons often enjoyed terrorizing humanity. Humans considered the killing of a dragon to be a highly moral act, as a result. For a millennium, humanity slowly learned how to fight the giant beasts. When they realized they were contending with groups of knights who had dedicated their entire lives to the destruction of dragons, a council of dragons was called. With the smallest number of dragons ever known, their young often killed before maturity, and grim portents of the future claimed by their seers, the council announced an era of sleep. The edict of anonymity and reduced activity was successful for those who followed it. The dragon population recovered somewhat and has been relatively stable since the end of the dark ages.

In the last century, however, females have begun laying clutches rather than single eggs. A generation larger than any before has begun testing their wings. Those versed in reading the wind say the time for sleep in coming to an end.

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