Elves were originally thought of as ambivalent beings with certain magical abilities capable of helping or hindering humans, but later became increasingly sinister and were believed to afflict humans and livestock in various ways. They are found in the mythology of many cultures, including among the Old Norse gods.

The modern elf is descended from the elves of old, rather than the elves of Tolkien. They are the descendants of gods, not faeries. They are nearly indistinguishable from normal humans. Elven culture traditionally places a strong emphasis on fate and stories, ancestor worship, and the animistic belief in spirits of nature. Most elves intentionally live a life that can easily be described as a role in a story: Hero, Wastrel, Crone, etc.

The powers of elves are as varied as those of the old gods. Many elves retain a talent for sorcery, superior athletic and martial prowess, fast healing, manipulating minds and emotions, oration, acting, or manipulating animals and nature.

While modern elves may procreate with humans, elven blood continues to thin. In mythic times, men could be revived and elevated to full-blooded elves after death. While the means to achieve this is hotly debated, rumors are spreading that this has been achieved and a new age of elven heroes is beginning.

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