A character’s base Mana pool is (Primal Fire x 3] + Willpower). Mana points can be spent to increase an Attribute by 1 point for 1 turn and to fuel godly powers. The Merits Fame and Followers will also affect the Mana pool.

Regaining Mana

Once spent, a god’s Mana returns to him only gradually. A god cannot recover any Mana while he engages in strenuous activity (combat, most forms of manual labor, hikes or forced marches and so on). If he’s at ease, but not completely relaxed (such as when watching a performance or taking a leisurely stroll), he recovers spent Mana at the rate of one per hour. When he’s completely relaxed (for example, sleeping or receiving a massage), he recovers Mana at the rate of two per hour.

In addition, characters who are bonded to places of power recover their Mana more quickly, as do those carrying various magical artifacts or with active Followers. See the Followers, Fame, Faithful, and Place of Power Merits for these bonus values.

However, a god will recover no Mana while denying her godly self. A god of plants gains Mana normally while living the lifestyle of a gardener, woodsman or farmer. She gains no mana while on active duty as an Air Force fighter pilot unless she can ditch her uniform and commune with a group of plants for a few hours.

Players’ characters are presumed to begin the game with a full pool of motes.



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