Pacificon 2012

Session 01

Monster Tracks & Gang Activity

The Events of the Game:
From the Persepctive of Lori, played by Teleute
While working as a backup dispatcher, Lori gets a call from Sonja Conroy about an incident during which she was separated from her friend after sensing someone stalking them. After talking with Sonja and getting her information, an official dispatcher takes over, sending Lori’s friend and fellow Community Service Officer Carl McCrum to the scene.
The next day, Lori and Carl exchange information while doing a community patrol. At the scene the day before, Carl discovered an impossibly brutal murder scene. With that still occupying their minds, the two decide to check in on Sonja as the transcript of her police report show that the police bureaucracy had trouble dealing with Sonja’s “uniqueness.” At Sonja’s apartment, the officers are bombarded with seemingly nonsensical ideas about crystals but also a number of details about the murder that the woman obviously shouldn’t know. With a possible crystal-psycho murder in front of them, the two ignore the obviously high Brian Knudsen. At the end of the day, Sonja files a report about the encounter.
The next day, the disgruntled police chief calls Sonja off warehouse duty and tells her to investigate Sonja and Brian because they are the only leads and the two CSOs are the only ones who have developed any rapport with them. The four meet at AJ’s Strip Club, retrace Sonja’s steps, and eventually head to the scene of the crime where they find out more details about the victim and, more importantly, a trail of impossibly giant reptile foot prints that the police missed. Lori and Carl call in forensics, let the two civilians go, and Lori files another report.
The next day, Lori and Carl go door to door looking for people in the community who are nervous like the victim was or otherwise feeling like they are being stalked. They find nothing. However, latter that night Lori gets a call from Carl asking for help. When she arrives at his place, he is holding a shotgun and getting ready to go to a bank. His nephew, who is legally his ward, has gotten himself mixed up an illegal arms sale and needs money right away. He has also, somehow, found the murderer. Lori goes to multiple ATMs to bypass her withdrawl limit and gets Carl $3,000. At the site of the deal, Lori slaps the teen for his stupidity after seeing him dancing with some guns but still lets the deal go through so that he is not put in any danger. She also gets a 9mm pistol and makes Carl and his nephew promise to turn in their weapons after whatever they’re planning.
Carl, along with his nephew, Sonja, and Brian, are convinced that local criminal tong leader Herman Draca is responsible for the murder and, amazingly, actually a dragon. While Lori is not totally convinced, Carl and the group are going to assault Draca’s home and she decides to support her friend. The group sneaks into Draca’s home in the Oakland hills, descend into his underground lair, and confront him. With a combination of illegal firearms and grenades, the fire dragon is put down and the group sneaks out with pillowcases full of his gold items. They also go to local drug dealer Fernando Costa to claim a reward for finding the murderer. Sonja convinces Fernando to believe the unbelievable and the group gets a large cash reward. Carl’s nephew asks to join Fernando’s gang but Carl and Sonja simultaneously smack him.
Lori closes the case by reporting that various underworld sources blame the murder on Draca though nobody knows how he did it. To cover up the group’s illegal raid, she also reports that Fernando’s organization is planning a hit on Draca in revenge. Regarding the the gold items, Lori plans to slowly sell her share over three years to avoid questions about where she is getting extra income and to avoid being traced.

GM Notes (The entire GM plot preparation):

A local gang, the XXXX, deals in stolen goods and has branched out into kidnapping young teens.

The gang gives the gold to their boss deals in the other stolen goods. The boss has a legitimate front as a “sell your gold” retailer but actually just keeps the gold and launders the gang money through the business. The teens are for a white slavery ring and for food for the boss dragon’s new brood of eggs. One has hatched and the others are due soon. His family tradition is to feed newborns human virgins to kick-start thier magic.

Boss has a large house in the oakland hills. Under the house is an artificial lair full of gold of all sorts.
Gang maintains 4 gold shops, 1 small warehouse for kidnapped teens (no more than 2 at a time), 2 small warehouses for too hot stolen goods to sit in, a nice apartment complex for members, and a crappy couple houses for lame members.
Membership is about 20. The boss isn’t really the gang leader. The gang leader is the boss’s number two.

Pacificon 2012

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