Place of Power ( * to * * * * *)

Mysterious places of power exist throughout the world. By attuning themselves to these places, gods can significantly increase their power.
Weak Places of Power are merely uncommon and are often overlooked. But, a powerful locus is usually not only already possessed; it is ruthlessly guarded.

Characters inside a location to which they are attuned regenerate 4 Mana per Dot of the Place of Power per hour. In addition, the location has or will develop unique properties over time. These include defenses and perks at the location, effects that last for a time away from the location, and portable items which confer certain benefits at all times. These effects are often minor but include: healing, longevity, wards against intruders, resistance to certain elemental damage, and the creation of food and drink.

For details, see Oadenol’s Codex p.63. A Place of Power starts with (its rating x 1) Creation Points, which buy special qualities. Places of Power create no Hearthstones and require Maintenance 1. Neither gives bonus Creation Points.

Characters can take this Background multiple times if they control more than Place of Power.



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