Godly Powers reflect a god’s purview(s). The rating of the Power adds to Primal Fire for dice rolls. A gods powers also must reflect her Purview. A god of mountains may travel by rockslide and cause the ground to shake but will not fly or heal people. A river god may move water and attack someone via blood but will not throw fireballs or turn someone to stone.

Godly powers are broadly grouped into:
Attack (2 dice of damage per Primal Fire + Power)
Defense (2 points of Defense per Primal Fire + Power)
Movement ([Primal Fire + Power] squared x10mph for a scene or [Primal Fire + Power] to the power of [Primal Fire + Power] x10 yards of teleportation)
Environment (various applications of general ability)

Godly powers are assumed to have these basic properties unless adjusted:
Potency: 1
Target: 1 target (Size 20 or smaller), or a circular radius of a yard
Duration: One action

See Mage: the Awakening Spell Factors p149-162



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