Primal Fire

A god is born supernatural, with the dormant soul of an ancient being. The power of the god’s spirit half is called Primal Fire, and it compels gods in all aspects of their existence.

Gaining dots in this advantage indicates a character’s rising potency among her own kind, and increasing power she can bring to bear. Newly created characters start with one dot of Primal Fire. After play begins, Primal Fire can be increased only by spending experience points.

Primal Fire is paramount to a god’s capacity to resist the effects of other gods and strange powers. The more dots she has, the more dice her player gets to make contested rolls against supernatural influence. When attempting to affect a god directly with a supernatural power, the god adds (Primal Fire) # of dice to the resistance roll, even if there is normally no roll allowed to resist. If the effect is clearly within the god’s Purview, double the number of bonus resistance dice.

In addition, as Primal Fire increases, the power of her spirit half begins to exceed her mortal heritage. She may spend Mana to temporarily increase Attributes. However, when Primal Fire exceeds current Willpower, she faces a “Limit Break”, fully exceeding her mortal limitations. She is possessed and may assume a hybrid form with her godly spirit fully in control of her actions for the remainder of the scene. Note it is possible for a low Willpower or high Primal Fire character to be continuously possessed.


Primal Fire Attribute Maximum Max Mana per Turn
1 6 1
2 7 2
3 8 4
4 9 7
5 10 10
6 11 15


Primal Fire

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