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Dragon Pt 1

Secret Hunters Season 1 Promo…

Eliza’s Journal:
What to say about a large sentient dragon who threatened me with death and dismemberment. We successfully hid it in a harness under a tarp… Elegance in its sheer simplicity. A real dragon large teeth intent on our deaths. I count everyone of my lucky stars and thank them for the near miss.

Notes – Doctor Zoe Monroe:

Finished our investigation in South Carolina on the swamp Lizardman recovered in the local hospital.

  • Called the show’s producers to report that Samuel had died.
  • Helped Virgil and Eliza “Procure” certain tools and equipment for our next investigation.
  • Conducted reach to select a likely area for our team to travel to.
  • Found evidence that strongly lead us to the mountainous area of Colorado.
  • Bubba joins our crew.

Riz’s perspective

Now, let me tell you that when I said we were going hunting, I thought we were doing our normal deal. We did all sorts of stuff that were out of the ordinary. Like, oh, illegally procure some really iffy weapons. Now, to be fair, I was really excited about [i]having,[/i] the heavy assault weapon, but the legality got to me a bit. Like I said before, I’m ex-SWAT. I wasn’t dishonorably discharged or anything. I was a good cop. Breaking the law wasn’t really my favorite thing to do.

But we were taking this whole ‘hunt a dragon’ thing seriously.

“Okay, so, here’s the deal. Are we seriously going up to the mountains to hope for a real dragon?” The answer was a resounding yes from everyone from Virgil ( he still said yes, but it was more dubious than everyone else. ) “Fine. If that’s the case, I’m going to teach you guys how to shoot. If we’re going under the assumption that this thing is real, then… well, I don’t really want to be the only one shooting worth a damn.”

Honest to goodness I’m not really a jerk. Just… intense.

So I held lessons on everything but the heavy assault weapon, because I was the only one who could really handle it. Even then, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Virgil made us some flame retardant stuff ( because if we’re going to believe a dragon is real, we might as well believe that it would breathe fire, right? ) to wear, which, in his favor, I thought was pretty badass. The guy is creative as fuck – he even helped me out by working up a stand for the HAW. If I had enough time to set it up, I’d get a lot of good use from it.

If you’re ever interested in sightseeing in Colorado, but the place sucks at security. ‘Closed to the public’ means ‘pick this lock and have a good day.’

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E01 (Part 3):

1. Yards of Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabrics ($500)
Highly flexible and flame-resistant material used for modifying clothing and other items so that we have some protection from Dragon’s fire to give wardrobe and props a realistic ‘fire fighter’ look.

2. Army Surplus Flight Suits ($300)
Gotten on the cheap to serve as a base for the vermiculite fabric. Combining the two creates nearly full body fire retardant protection a very professional looking uniform for direct confrontation with fire breathing creatures the episode’s theme.

3. Thick Aluminum Sheets ($350)
In addition to the dragon fighting prop uniforms, I decide to create a few fantasy fiction inspired fire fighting fancy looking shields using cheap aluminum sheets and left over vermiculite fabric.

4. Miscellaneous Parts ($120)
Used to build a professional quality tripod for -the rifle below some of our special cameras. Makes it much easier for a single person to use such weapons cameras as they are usually attached to stationary attack positions or heavy vehicles rather fragile.

5. Squad Assault Rifle ($2500 distributed over multiple sources)
As we were likely going to go face real danger, I decided one of use needed a real high-powered weapon. We contacted numerous individuals on IRC and had them drop off parts one by one so that I could assemble the rifle. We paid extra both because of the questionable legality and for quick delivery. As she could make the best use of it, I gave the weapon to Marisa even through I paid for it. I believed equipping her as much as possible was in all our interests.

Session 03

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