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Dragon Pt 2

Personal Notes – Doctor Zoe Monroe:

Well Joleen the PA, did drive us to the local hospital in time and we all pulled through. Afterwards Virgil, Eliza and I conducted some independent research and came up with three plausible courses to go looking for Dragons. My investigation on Dragons and Their Modern Re-emergence which would take our team to Sulphur Cave Colorado seemed to go over the best with the group so we would begin our search there. Virgil got us from South Carolina to Colorado in what must have been a record. Once we were there he continued to amaze us by making the team fire resistant suits and shields. Somehow or another our team got in contact with a black ops supplier who helped us get two heavy powered assault weapons.

We took the production van out to the mountain paths and found a relatively concealed gate crossing the road that we were on. Eliza surprised us all, including herself by picking the lock on the gateway and after only a few more miles down the side road we had to continue ahead on foot. Our group traveled only another mile or so and then unexpectedly a deafening roar assaulted our ears as the terrifying presence of the dragon struck us all with such horrifying fear. What happened next was Marisa and Eliza ran away screaming while Virgil and I found ourselves unable to act. However, he and I soon gathered ourselves together and went after our friends.

We found them hugging each other crying and after we calmed them, the four of us headed back. We hadn’t even reached the point we where before when we could hear and see trees being toppled as a path of the forest was cleared out before us. The dragon was heading for us at alarming speed knocking down everything in it’s’ wake. Marisa dove to the ground landed behind the tripod mounted assault rifle then Virgil crouched down behind a tree and readied his weapon. Eliza and I took cover in the bushes as the dragon crashed through the woods. It was an enormous creature covered in reddish-brown scales and with blurring speed it knocked Marisa into a tree several yards away.

I thought for sure that it must have killed her and was shocked to see her running back to her weapon as the monster had turned its attention now to Virgil. Then the violent battle ensued all of us attacked the dragon and we were all stunned to see Marisa bring it down. As the dragon fell it cursed as her and I think we were all slightly traumatized that it spoke before it passed out. I rushed to Marisa and started giving her first aid to keep her alive which was about all I could do for her. Eliza and Virgil went back into town to pick up chains, steel cables, a tarp and wrecker to transport the defeated dragon back to Wodin’s woods while Marisa and I stood watch over the unconscious beast.

Once we had the thing loaded we had to take Marisa to the hospital and leave her there. We drove back a number of states to find the forest of Wodin, once there we called out his name and he appeared before us. He uncovered the dragon reached into Ohrar-eah-roah devastating jaws and wrenched out a enormous fang. Before our eyes he shaped it into a savage and intimidating looking dagger, after which he handed it to me. He looked at us all and told us that this would help us on our hunts and that if we used it then it would give us an advantage over our enemies. Once the dragon was released it told us once it survived and killed Wodin that it would be coming to kill us as well.

Marisa was released a few weeks later and I gave the dagger to her, feeling that she had earned the right to be the weapon’s barer.

Riz’s perspective

We made it up to the mountains, and let me tell you what. If you’ve never heard a dragon roar, they you don’t get to laugh at the fact that Eliza and I had mini panic attacks that ended up with soggier than normal pants. Shut up. I still have guns, for your information. To be fair, Virgil and Zoey were just kind of stuck.

Despite all that, once we calmed down, we turned around and went towards that sound. Remember when I said Zoey was a genius and smart and whatnot? Yeah well, we’re hunting a dragon, so that’s kind of up for debate right now. But… we found… gasp… a cave.

Apparently, though, there were tracks or something that Zoey and Virgil could make out that looked like they could be dragonprints. Because we’re apparently experts on the subject now. When things like trees started to go down, though, I didn’t hesitate to agree that yes, there was a damn dragon coming to this cave. I set up the HAW.

Before I even got the chance to use it, the bitch hit me. When I say ‘bitch’, I mean giant lizard thing moving way faster than something that size [i]should.[/i] He hit me harder than a car ( an experience I’d been through once before ) and with enough force to break… things. You’d have to talk to the hospital to get an itemized list of all the things it broke.

But I was –pissed.- Bleeding, sure. But pissed. I was angry, and scared, and it was going for my friends. So the only thing I could think to do? Shoot the thing in the face.

There’s nothing eloquent about a HAW. They are heavy, and can knock even me on my ass. On the plus side, with the stand, I was basically able to lay down ( because standing and shooting wasn’t going to happen ) take aim, and blow the thing a new asshole. Apparently, unlike our loincloth-wearing friend ( who according to Zoey, was some kind of god of the hunt ) the lizard couldn’t handle lead. Then again, I didn’t shoot him with the HAW…

But the moral of the story is – Don’t turn your back on someone unless you’re sure they’re dead. I probably would have been, after all that – blood was supposed to be in your body. But between Zoey, paramedics, and like, three weeks or so in traction, I lived, not much worse for wear. I missed out on the little rendezvous with the creepy hunt god, but I figured since his magic tattoo went away ( for once I didn’t pick the tattoo ) that I was off scot-free.


We had finally, after three years, found the supernatural. That was a lot to think about for the future. ( Trust me, traction makes it pretty hard to do much of anything –other- than think. )

But hey, I got a wicked looking bone knife out of the deal, so I’m all for it. Apparently it’s a dragon’s tooth. That on its own was kind of satisfying, even if they said the dragon was still alive, the bastard.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E01 (Part 4):

1. Multiple Rolls of Steel Cables ($350)
Very strong cable used to secure the dragon’s mouth shut loose equipment and secure the creature attach things samples to the flat bed for transport to Woden more attractive locales.

2. Extra Large Tarp ($90)
Used to cover the motherfucking dragon potentially episode spoiling materials on the way to a freaking god during transport. We chose a very bright orange since it was a warning color and very opaque.

3. Rented Flatbed Truck ($550)
Needed to transport the dragon episode materials back to Woden out of the restricted forest area we broke in to. We paid quite a bit extra as we needed the truck immediately cause we were still scared for our lives as the Colorado hills were a declared fire zone.

Session 04

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