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The Time Traveller

Notes – Doctor Zoe Monroe:

  • Contacted and interviewed Galli Machthaber about his broken device and how he had been stuck in our timeline for a number of years. Discussed how the schematics were stolen and if he had them, how he might be able to fix his machine. Virgil and I both offered to assist Galli with repairs to help him get home.
  • I interviewed Steven Gibbs at his office who is selling his own version of the machine he makes and calls the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Really I was casing the building and Gibbs’ office to find out where he kept the schematics. Since he didn’t seem like the brightest of individuals, wasn’t too surprised (after using a bit of sex appeal) that he just kept them in a simple filing cabinet. Also allowing us to film in high resolution the stolen schematics of Galli’s device.
  • Using our footage we were able to make copies of the schematics and then we easily broke into Gibbs’ office to switch out the original plans with one of our copies, thanks to Marisa’s skills at picking locks. We then took the reclaimed schematics to Galli Machthaber, who for some reason switched out a fake copy of his own with the original plans and then disappeared.
  • This turned out to be the highest rated show of this season so far.

Riz’s perspective

Though I got paid vacation ( because apparently short term disability is more paperwork ) for the time I was stuck in bed, by the time I was able to get up and around, we had a brand new assignment. Now, having come face to face with a dragon ( literally. Bitch. ) and walked ( figuratively speaking ) away from it, I was pretty sure my spark for the supernatural was back in full force.

But time travel? Really? That was some level of stupid, and we were only going because the producer said he wanted it. I guess I don’t get to object, but man, I wanted to. Driving out to investigate this was probably the last thing I wanted to do, but again, I didn’t get any say in the matter. On the plus side, Virgil totally made me a sweet ninja compartment in the production van to carry my guns in. Because, yeah. Illegally acquired arms, crossing state borders. All sorts of bad times.

We met up with a guy with a name I couldn’t pronounce if I wanted to, who claimed that some guy stole his plans, and were now using them to make money. Which, of course, begged the question why there weren’t any time travelers hopping about with him.

To which the man with no name replied he was one.

Well, honestly, it was a good answer. I distinctly remember rolling my eyes as hard as I ever have, but he didn’t seem to care. He gave us some reason why his time travel thing wasn’t working, why he needed the plans, and, though I wasn’t particularly convinced of his authenticity, Virgil and Zoey both decided that it was story enough to investigate.

I politely bowed out of that interview because I was not going to sit there and listen to some guy with stolen ‘schematics’ to a ‘time machine’ without scoffing every two seconds. I think that’d ruin the shots.

Shortly after, we had a pow-wow ( after some delicious food, because hey, who doesn’t like food? ) involving more theft. Granted, we were stealing stolen things, but still. Breaking and entering is breaking and entering. There’s no way around that. I didn’t object too much, because security was surprisingly lax – Colorado eat your heart out. Plus, we weren’t doing anything amazing. We were swapping one fake thing for a kinko’d copy of the same thing.

Honestly, we weren’t stealing, officer. We were just testing the locks.

What sounded like a brilliant dinner turned in to a terrible one. Not because the food wasn’t good, but because He-who-must-not-be-named decided to skip out on the bill. Asshole. ( I drank entirely too much, that cost me a boatload. )

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List


1. Faux Time Machine ($360)
Called a Hyper Dimensional Resonator, we obtained this thing online to see if they were the real thing be used as a prop. Was worthless as it had no chance of working didn’t look futuristic enough.

2. Lock Picking Kit ($85)
A full featured lock picking set with instructions used to break into the building of the foolish man who open the door which held the time machine schematics that Galli Machthaber claimed were stolen from him. Zoe Monroe cased the building, office and Marisa Romero used the kit on the office door and the filing cabinet.

3. FedEx Kinko’s Fees ($350)
We printed two high resolution schematics of Galli’s time machine which we photographed without his full knowledge. Galli took the first print and disappeared but we kept the second print as we didn’t tell the man we made a copy.

Session 05

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