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Bigfoot Pt 1

Eliza’s Journal
We started by checking out a story… the kind of story our first season was built on. When members of the group fell and were pulled through a large crevice in the ground. We found a group of hidden people. They are highly protective of themselves. With some convincing and a lot of hard work we set up special effects that will hopefully prevent their discovery. We gained a moocher who was supposed to act as a liaison. He is content to simply munch… Well enough mussing till next time…

Notes – Doctor Zoe Monroe

  • Our team interviewed a man who recently posted a video of Bigfoot to YouTube for his son’s birthday. Later he came forward to confess that this footage was faked, but there was a large number of locals who claimed that it must be real, since they had also recently seen the creature for themselves. After filming their stories, our team went to the area of the woods where all the sightings (and the video) had taken place, we found an arrow that reminded us of those used by Wodin.
  • The dagger the god had given to us pointed out a direction that we followed, which lead us to find a group of hidden people living in the forest. Their leader was an elderly woman that said that she was capable of producing magic at least as powerful as the knife we carried and she would help us provided that we didn’t use any clear audio or video footage of her and her people.
  • She also provided us a liaison to aid us in our travels, this is how our team was introduced to our friend Moshi.

Riz’s perspective

I vaguely remember that we stole some rifles and tranquilizer because the initial plan was to go hunting for bigfoot. You’ve gotta give Eliza props. She wanted to dress as a pink power ranger to distract the forest officials.

She settled for just complaining about car troubles.

Honestly, I don’t know how we got turned in to this ‘hunt everything vaguely supernatural’ group, but the producers are eating it up. Our ratings are starting to get really good. I checked around on the internet, careful not to destroy the computer in the process, and saw we had a lot of traffic on our website. ( Okay, I’m lying. Virgil showed me. )

Back to the story – I got in there, stole some stuff, ( don’t judge me, we’re hunting a bigfoot ) wondering when I became a career criminal. Honestly, I don’t do this kind of stuff on the regular. Picking locks is something you pick up as a SWAT officer, and prior to this, I really only used my powers for good.

Oh. Man, I think we forgot to return that stuff.


Anyways. The whole thing here was that if we found something, we’d have the ability to not murder it, and not get murdered by it. Between our last encounter with a monster, I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. So, in the middle of no-friggin’-where, ( you’d almost think this stuff wouldn’t want to be found. ) Zoey has this brilliant idea to try and call the guy who shot us full of arrows.

Yeah, I had to keep quiet, because if I didn’t I was going to go off.

The guy didn’t show up. But hilariously enough, the badass tooth-knife hopped out of my ankle holster, and cut Zoey. This happened oh… two more times, I think, before someone realized that it kept falling back down, pointing the same direction. This is our crack team.

More crack than team, lately. But hey, it’s all in good fun.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E03 (Part 1):

1. Set of 5.0 cc Rifle Darts ($150)
A set of dart needles we purchased as they were legal easily available while the tranquilizer solution and dart rifles we wanted for our safety as an evocative prop were illegal harder to get cheaply online. We got the rest of the equipment by stealing from after going to a park ranger station and sneaking in inlisting their support.

2. Bulk Packs of Neosporin ($60)
After a member of the crew was cut by Woden’s knife cut on site away from the city and experienced some odd supernatural effect, I decided to buy larger quantities of topical antibiotic ointment as we are likely to keep experimenting with the the knife and other supernatural objects having accident with the new show format.

Session 06

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