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Bigfoot / The Hidden People Pt 2

Riz’s perspective

So once we deciphered that the magic knife ( because there’s no way it’s –not- a magic knife. Come on. ) was telling us to go somewhere, we followed its directions.

If you’ve never fallen in to a pit trap, I don’t recommend it. I managed to land without breaking anything, and lo and behold, I found… bigfoot. Okay, not true. I found a couple of guys that kind of looked like Indians, if Indians were creepy, underground vampire people. They were armed, but they weren’t being dicks about it ( because I was armed too, you know. )

Virgil came down after me because he’s manly and I apparently need saving – and Zoey got manhandled down underground, too. That was some neat stuff, by the way. Liza managed to escape unharmed… well, escape is a weird word. We weren’t actually captured. We texted her to follow our GPS or something, and walked along with two very quiet guys who probably only knew some woodsy dialect of—

“She’s going to see you” One of them spoke up. Shut up, I didn’t know.

‘She’ turned out to be an old woman who was telling us off. Saying we were getting too close to ‘her people’ – her people apparently being sneaky aboriginal… somethings. With pointy ears. I dunno, but I plan on referring to them from here on out as the ‘Spocks.’ Because what else are they gonna be?

We got a hot guy out of the deal, so I didn’t mind when Zoey called the shot and said we’d leave them alone. We staged a crazy elaborate looking thing, our new tagalong playing the part of bigfoot. ( By the way, don’t ask Liza to push over a tree that’s been nearly cut down. It takes her like twenty minutes. ) I didn’t like that we faked it, but I guess it was better than getting poked to death with more wooden things for not listening to her.

Note – Doctor Zoe Monroe

[Subject: Enter Moshi]

  • We left the hidden people with a person called: “Moshi” he was an odd young man, but seemed nice enough. However he gave the impression that he didn’t truly believe everything that there leader claim to be able to do.
  • It was Moshi and Virgil together that came up with a clever way to finish our filming and story of this of mysterious people living in the woods. The two made it scary enough that no one else would want to come looking for them. After want looked ilke a small earthquake, a cave-in, up-rooted trees and shadowy ominous figure following us (Moshi out of focus) we seemed to barely escape with our lives.
  • Moshi has proven (at less as of this writing) to be useful, I hope we haven’t made a mistake by bringing him on. Either for his sake or our own.

Eliza’s Journal:
This was one of the fun adventures we have been on opposed to the scary our lives are in danger kind. It was a moment of discovery. Although we were threatened… I had to meet up with everyone because I decided not to jump down the rabbit hole. I luckily track them easy enough as we traveled under guard to speak to their leader. “She” wanted to tell us to go away. Why does seem like lately people keep telling us to leave just when we started to discover that the paranormal is real? Oh well till next time (:

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E03 (Part 2):

1. Moshi (Ostensibly $0, I suspect there will be second order “Moochie” costs.)
After meeting the Hidden People and staging the incident underground, the Hidden Person local emissary contact layabout Moshi was commanded by his superior chose to join our crew and ensure we kept the secret of his people’s location. While he is supposed to follow us and provide assistance regarding supernatural matters much like an intern, I suspect he will mostly just be hanging around mooching our snacks and taking up space.

Session 07

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