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Navajo Country / The Naagloshii Pt 2

Eliza’s Journal

I have neglected my journal… ignoring difficult truths.
I cant believe we met a god. We survived his death threat with the delivery of a DRAGON. No joke a sentient dragon. If it ever escapes… well I don’t really want to think about it.
All of that was cool compared to the current circumstances. I will be content to stay hidden in the library. Two of our members are claiming they were almost possessed… I don’t even know how to react. The only way to defeat it is to call it out by its true name. I somehow doubt standing there calling out names like a bad Rumpelstiltskin remake will save me. I will stay in the library. Thank you so much… I will take an enemy I can see over a powerful unknown any day of the week. She can keep the dagger. For all I know it has been acting like a tracking device for Woden. He just might show up again demanding a favor for all the energy we have been siphoning. For all we know it comes with another “do or die” price tag. WHEW… I am so happy I had someplace to express all this crazy uncertainty. Till next time thanks for listening…

(Personal Log – Doctor Zoe Monroe)

Subject: Naalglooshii

Experimenting our group discovered a way to tap into the power of the dagger which Wodin forged for us from the fang of the dragon, Ohrar-eah-roah. We had become humans possessing animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities and superior hunting instincts. We ran through the hills like a pack, all of our stalking impulses driving us towards something of immense prowess. Suddenly Marisa was no longer with us and it was right then that I saw tiny hedgehog staring at me. Something in the creature’s eyes told me it wasn’t really an animal at all and then abruptly a very strong male present tried to force itself upon me to take me over.

Luckily I shrugged the assault off, shrewdly guessing the source of the attack, drew out my glock and rapidly fired at the hedgehog. Examining the area where it had been, I found that there weren’t any remains. Now after all that had happened to me in the last few moments I felt the need to put each one of my teammates to the test. So in turn, I pointed my gun at them and then asked each a question that only they would know, each pasted easily. Then Marisa felt the need to ask me a rather tricky question, which I had no problems answering. We returned to the bus to find both Bubba and Moshi spooked, since something large had been attacking the bus, trying to break in.

Checking the vehicle over we found that two of our tires had been damaged both of their valves stems had been chewed off. Using some household chemicals and drinking straws that we had on the bus, I more-or-less repaired the wheels by making homemade fix-a-flat which at least got us back to town. As we rested Deputy Ties-Shoes pulled up and helped us call for repairs. From here we could walk to Mary’s house, so Ties-Shoes called her to see if she wouldn’t mind our visiting. We spent the next several hours discussing the naalglooshii and how our group shouldn’t delve into things we didn’t understand. She made it clear she meant the dagger Wodin gave us and other things like the skinwalker. She told us that everyone who was a part of our group was marked for death.

Riz’s perspective

We decided that the next night, what we would do was try and make the knife do… that thing… again. Hunter’s Awareness is what I’m calling it now, because it’s serious. We figured it out relatively quickly ( I’m not a cutter, I am a participant in a pagan ritual, I swear. ) and Virgil and I tried to hunt down… something. We hunted until something started taking the awareness we possessed. Upon inspecting the knife, something in town seemed to be siphoning it’s mojo.

We tried to chase after it, but that didn’t work.

So, in a spontaneous fit of genius, we decided to try again. To lure out whatever was doing that, or see if we couldn’t pinpoint where it went. Unfortunately, as it turned out, whatever was doing it wasn’t interested in a second helping. Especially considering there were evil animals running around. I made eye contact with a fucked up bird, and the weirdest thing happen.

Yes, weirder than magic knives and dragons.

It felt like someone tried to take over my brain. It was a guy, that was for sure, but it was like they tried to assert themselves over me. When I came out of… whatever that was… the guys were gone. I heard gunshots, though, and when I reached where everyone else was? Well, frankly, I thought Zoey’d lost her damn mind.

Or had it taken over, one or the other. She had her gun pointed at Virgil and Liza. Then at [i]me.[/i]

Let me tell you, I do [i]not[/i] take threats well. It pisses me off, anyone trying to assert dominance like that. She asked me some bullshit question about my first LP, and said ‘oh, time to go back to camp’ when I answered. I considered ( okay, I was really tempted ) to shoot her in the leg or something, because I figured it was still a really good possibility that she’d been… gotten.

But apparently not. She’d just had a temporarily insane moment where instead of asking questions calmly, to figure out if we were us, she decided to involve a gun.

Sometimes I wonder if her social skills are as developed as I keep thinking.

Our hunter’s high was gone, I think. Gun-pointing will do that to you, I guess. Performance anxiety, maybe? When we got back to the bus ( and explained to a freaked out Virgil and Liza that no, we weren’t crazy, and no, we weren’t having some sort of girl-on-girl pissing match ) we found the thing had been ransacked.

We couldn’t see by what, but Bubba ( my replacement roadie, the big lug ) and Moochie ( the hot guy we got from Bigfootland ) were pretty worried about it.

The bus was tore up pretty badly, but apparently science is a wizard, and Zoey fixed the tires… sort of. They lasted long enough to get to town before we could get a tow truck from deputy Tie-Shoes. OH! I forgot to tell you about him. He’s a nice guy, but his name is Shirley Tie-Shoes. Someone jipped him for his Indian name, I think. Either way, he was the guy who introduced us to Mary, and set up another interview with her.

She more or less stated that she and ‘tribal elders’ were the ones that zapped us of our power. I thought it was kind of pot-and-kettle, talking about our pagan rituals when they had their pagan rituals, too. Native, pagan, it’s all the same, right? Hocus pocus of one variety or another. I dunno.

But she told us that flat out, we needed to go, or at least stop splitting their attention. Apparently we become animal spirits or something like that, so the Skinwalker can infect us. ( I had figured that out, actually, though the exposition further proved that Zoey and I weren’t nuts. ) She told us about some stuff like white ash, naming the thing, and telling us in no small manner that hunting would not work.

Though to be fair, it solved all of our problems before, so you can’t blame us for trying to stick to our strengths.

Oh. She also said we were going to die because we’re experimenting with the supernatural. Because that’s not what she was doing, the hypocritical… okay, whatever. She makes good lemonade and I’m not here to cuss out an old lady. ( Not saying I wouldn’t, but she was kind of pointing bony fingers. Trying to help. Whatever. )

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E04 (Part 2):

1. Replacement Bus Tires and Labor ($800)
During the night out tire appeared to have been gnawed on by a coyote or some other creature slashed. Moshi was in the vehicle but didn’t see who or what did the damage. Zoey made some jury-rigged repairs and we were able to make it into town. The next morning, our police contact helped us find a garage as AAA did come to this part of the reservation. The tires are on their way and repairs should be done in two days.

2. Second Interview Fee ($200)
Since the bus tire quickie patches failed near Mary’s house, we went to her home for a second interview and to try to figure out what had happened to us. She told us more about the naagloshii Navajo legends and gave us a warning about the dangers we were undertaking as hunters of actual monsters as such public TV stars, particularly Zoe. We left her the Woden knife the money to show goodwill that we would not go too far in our endeavors we were serious investigators.

Session 09

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