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Navajo Country / The Naagloshii Pt 3

(Personal Log – Doctor Zoe Monroe)

Subject: Naalglooshii [Continued]

We had spent several days with the Diné or Navajo of the Southwestern United States who are the largest federally recognized tribe of the United States of America. Mary Jackson who was a medicine woman and tribal elder of this Indian Reservation, she had been a great assist to our team with information both for the show and for our real-life struggles. Our group wanted to aid her and the two medicine men that she performed sacred rituals, rites and ceremonies with. Even though she tired her best at first to discourage our helping, trying only to protect us, Mary half-heartedly gave into our volunteering to assist them.

While Virgil and Marisa went to construct and compile tools, weapons and traps made from white ash wood. This left Eliza and me to do research in the library on the naalglooshii, the history of the reservation as well as the Navajo people living on it. Eliza discovered a year that had a significant number of children that died under extremely mysterious circumstances. I dug a little deeper to find that in the same year that of the four Ties-Shoe children, three of them had suffered this same fate, leaving our friend, Deputy Shirley Ties-Shoe as an only child. Making copies of all these records we returned to Mary’s house, only to find her murdered and her body on her backyard deck.

We called 911 and a few moments later the paramedics arrived, shortly followed by Officer Ties-Shoe. He was very upset, just barely able to keep himself together and then he erupted in fury claiming that the naalglooshii had killed his entire family and he was going to find him then kill him. As he sped away in his car, I called Marisa and Virgil to inform them of as what had just happened. Eliza and I then drove out to get them and from there we went to the Sheriff’s office to see if we could find out what had happened to Deputy Shirley. Eliza gave the on duty officer an impassioned plea to tell us of Ties-Shoe’s last known location and we drove out to the old mill to find him.

After a huge fight between to twin officers Ties-Shoes (one of them really the naalglooshii) we were able to save the real one and false one, whom at one time was Shirley’s brother Simon, was dead on the ground. The two remaining tribal shamans were sent for to perform a cleansing on all of us and to this area, a little while later another officer arrived to help Deputy Shirley “clean-up” the scene and file the “correct” types of reports. We stayed in town to attend Mary’s funereal to pay of respects and close the book on the encounter with the nightmare that was the naalglooshii.

Additional Note: The show gave $500.00 to the Navajo Relief Fund, I personal gave $1,000.00 in Mary’s name to the NRF and plan on continuing to help this charity in the future.

Riz’s perspective

Even though she said hunting wasn’t ‘her way’, it was still ours. We left her the knife so that she would stop whining about pagan stuff, and went about doing what we do best. Sort of. Virgil set stuff on fire, I kind of watched. Liza and Zoey looked stuff up. I didn’t do that at all. But I helped bag the stuff up when we were done. ‘White ash’ apparently is like a silver bullet or something? I dunno.

We took all day though, and honestly, I’m security. I am there to keep people safe – even if that means keeping Virgil from accidentally setting himself on fire.

The fucked up thing, though, was we got a phone call. Apparently, Mary had been murdered. Not even in a little way. Strangled to death, and officer Ties-Shoes went off in a storm to hunt the skinwalker. ( Up until now he denied believing in it. Ass. ) The girls picked us and our ash up, though I made sure they brought the knife just in case. We convinced the dispatch to give us his GPS location ( without coming off as whores! ) and drove out to help him.

Honestly, we kind of made shit up on the way there. We put on war paint around our eyes ( made of white ash ), covered the knife and dipped our bullets in the stuff. Like, it was crazy, but it was whatever.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see people struggling over a knife, and one clearly in control and trying to stab someone? I go after the guy with the knife. Apparently Officer Ties-Shoes wasn’t really good at tumbling, because after a tackle and a takedown, I had him handcuffed. Reminded me a lot of the job. Maybe I’d go back to that after this.

The sun was going down, and there was a lot of ‘he’s the skinwalker!’ –ing from both of them. The angrier of the two being the one on the ground under the other three. I pulled mine up on his knees and gave him a once over… and noticed his eyes weren’t right.

Mary told us that in humans, the Skinwalker’s eyes are jacked up and glow or sparkle or something. Well, that’s what his did. So I stepped around him and shot him in the back of the head. Apparently I scared the shit out of the crew, because when I looked at them, they were all horrified and I couldn’t help but ask ‘What?!’

Apparently, I was supposed to ‘name him.’ To which I said: Fuck that, a bullet worked just fine. Tribal elders came out ( and thankfully we heavily edited the footage we had from here because hot damn I didn’t need to go to jail for executing a police officer. ) and did some more pagan rituals ( which is what I will call them all from now on, because I don’t discriminate ) to ‘clean’ us… which was fine with me, ‘cause I was tired as hell.

When we got back to the bus, I’m fairly certain I passed out for the whole night, but that’s my prerogative. Zoey made some donations because she’s a nice lady like that. But at the end of the day, we got the sucker.

The ratings didn’t suck, either.

Eliza’s Journal:
Well where to start… With enough of the truth I was able to convince the sheriff office to give me Shirley’s location. He stormed off after discovering Mary murdered. When we found him there were two. TWO identical SHIRLEY?!? WTF I am have serious doubts of my ability to identify doppelgangers. Two Shirleys and I guessed the wrong one. I got very lucky that we hand cuffed both of them and Marissa took out the correct one. For a moment though with Marissa swinging her gun around I feared she had been taken over. But she explained that she had seen his eyes flash. We were all decorated with white ash for protection. This was a scary close one for me…

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E04 (Part 3):

1. 20 Recycled Wood Pallets ($200)
We purchased these in order to burn and create a large amount of white ash. The ash was mentioned on camera by Mary as a substance that would tamp down on the naagloshii’s supernatural powers a traditional part of Navajo spiritual practices that we could use to face the monster for props.

2. Dry Cleaning ($30)
Preparing for a possible fight with the naagloshii what was likely our final scene, much of our crew used the white ash to cover their faces in somewhat traditional paint styles and to dips weapons in for extra effectiveness. I was somewhat embarrassed as a white man about appearing in Navajo face paint in Navajoland, so I put the paint under my shirt so I would still gain the mystical benefits. This almost ruined my shirt.

3. Donation ($500)
After seeing Shirley’s brother the naagloshii a suspect killed apprehended and the spiritual leaders of the community conduct a purifying ceremony, we decided to make a donation to a Navajo charity to pay our respects compensate for the trouble we caused the guilt we felt their spiritual assistance and cleansing- for potentially using their ritual in our episode.

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