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Alaska’s Hairy Man (The Urayuli) Pt 2

(Personal Log – Doctor Zoe Monroe)

After a long and boring day of being snowed in, we all turned in rather early and I had another odd dream… I was home once again in New Orleans and visiting the same blues club as in my original strange dream from a few weeks ago. This time on stage I was watching blues vocalist and harmonica player Junior Wells as he sang: ‘Hoodoo Man Blues’

Lord, I wonder what’s has got the matter
Wit’ time, you know, wit’ time
It seems like the hours
Oh, everything done changed

But I hold up my hand
I’m just tryin’ t’make her understand
Lord, you know, everybody tells Little Junior
That somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man

Now, I’m goin’ down to Louisiana
An’ get me a mojo hand
My little woman
She done quit me for some other man

But I hold up my hand
I’m tryin’ to make her understand
Lord, you know, everybody they tells me
That somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man

{Well that’s what I’m talkin’}

Now I buzzed your bell this morning
You had your elevator running slow
I buzzed your bell, little woman
To take me on the third floor

But I hold up my hand
I’m just trying make you understand
Lord, you know, everybody tells Lil’ Junior
“Somebody hoodooed the hoodoo man”

..I awoke, looked around the darkness of the room. I was clutching my mojo bag that hung around my neck, in my right hand. I looked at the glowing numbers on the hotel clock and saw that it was 6:00AM, I sat up in bed. I turned on the lamp, picked up the phone and called down to the front desk to ask if there was something downstairs to eat. The clerk mentioned that she had cinnamon rolls, milk and coffee, if that interested me. Thanking her, I was still thinking about my dreams, someone was trying to tell me something I just wasn’t sure what exactly. But since there was no internet signal or wifi and I was rather hungry, I thought it best to take advantage of the hotel’s hospitality so I went to the lobby. It wasn’t very long until the others arrived and we were all enjoying our breakfast together when the lights went out. However, it wasn’t just the electricity in the hotel all of our electrical devices seemed to be drained of all of their power.

Virgil and Marisa went outside to start up the back-up generation and the rest of us helped the staff start fires in the two of the fireplaces like the lobby, soon both of the lobby’s nearby hearths were crackling. They didn’t seem to want light at first and then suddenly they both blazed forth brightly. Then Virgil came in looking as if he had seen a ghost and asked Eliza and I to step over so he could talk to us privately. He stated that we had a visitor outside that was much like our friend Wodin, we both got bundled up and joined him outside.

There she stood, no one had to introduce me to her, and from the way everything was reacting in her presents I knew that we all stood before, Nox goddess of the Night personified. She seemed to be highly interested in Marisa for some reason, but rather dismissive to the rest of us, especially towards me. Not sure what I had done to offend her, I merely asked my few questions like the others did only to notice that for some reason, Virgil and I seemed to get more often than not snide remarks from the Lady of darkness. Before the goddess left us, she told Marisa she could use someone like her in her services.

Once she was gone, as I had excepted it would do so all of the power was restored to the hotel. We went back inside to recharge all of our devices and then walk to the newspaper office to get our story. It didn’t take long for us to all of us to realize that we were chasing another shadow with this one. As we were setting up our last interview, I received an email on my smart-phone from one of the show’s producers to come back home A.S.A.P. he had set-up a cool public relations appearance for our crew at a convention. We finished our last report on the Urayuli headed back to the hotel and caught a late flight back home.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E05 (Part 2):
Battery Tester
1. Fluke T+PRO Electrical Tester ($90)
After Nox’s night magic the snowstorm leeched the power out of all devices in the area and blocked out cell phone signals knocked out the power, I spent a significant amount of time checking our equipment for damage as it was hit by what was obviously an unknown effect which could drain power from batteries and handheld devices that weren’t even connected.

The Delta Discovery

2. Content Licenses from The Delta Discovery ($450)
After trekking through the snow storm with our gear, we made it to the office of the newspaper that tipped us off to potential sightings of the Urayuli in the first place. While the tips turned out to all be old accounts, he did point us to some worthless fanboy enthusiastic interviewees. For the trouble, I paid the newspaper a content fee to use their texts and images. While we found almost no evidence, small media in out of the way places can used all the help they can get we still needed material to fill the episode.

Gardall FB-1212
3. Gardall FB-1212 Safe ($800)
After the advice provided by Nox realizing the difficultly of traveling with her equipment, Marisa made a compromise decided to not to destroy Woden’s knife carry around some of her gear. To hide and protect such a dangerous object ensure props from theft, I procured a fire-proof safe to hold everything dangerous we find as part of our hunts.

4. Classic Text on Dream Interpretation ($25)
During the trip back, this book was purchased at the Mosquito Books in the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. It was bought to help deal with the strange dream Virgil had the night before the crew met Nox It was just for light reading and made no sense to him anyway.

Riz’s perspective:

Complementary breakfast is the absolute shit. I love it when we stay in places with that. This stuff was good, too – fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls that were probably store bought, but heated up to delicious perfection. It’s all fun and games until the power goes out – and it did. The generator went dead, and so Virgil and I went out to turn it on. Frankly, I was only taking him with me to make sure I worked the thing right. I’m not an idiot, but I’d rather not break a contraption I’ve never worked with before and keep the power out permanently. We got it back up and running, and on our way back to the front door, we heard someone calling out to us, in the middle of the darkness. Now, I don’t mean ‘oh no, it’s night outside’ – I mean “what the hell where’d the sun go.” Everything faded out until there wasn’t any light except this little bit about a woman.

She was beautiful, I can tell you that much. It’s hard to describe what I mean. Physically, she was beautiful, but there was something else about her presence that struck a chord with me. Virgil went in to grab Zoey and Eliza, because this was probably going to be another ‘please do not murder us all’ moment. After all, she killed all the electricity and shut off all the light. Clearly she wasn’t exactly normal.

All in all she was pretty nice. She was telling us that we were all drawing attention to ourselves. That things had us marked, now, and that we needed to be more careful about what we do. She also told us to get rid of the knife – permanently, if possible. I wasn’t a fan of that idea, but when she explained that Wodin was just using it to get at us, I finally gave Virgil the go ahead to do something later. She said something to me, very specifically, though. That she could use someone like me. Now, I’m not a fan of orders. I respect them, and I respect the people that give them, but it has to be done right. Nox ( that’s her name – goddess of the Night ) wasn’t threatening or making any demands, or speaking to me in gibberish and telling me I needed to die gloriously. She just pointed out the fact that I interested her. She told me I could call her if I needed to.

She tried to explain how magic worked for people like us – because apparently we’re all a little different now. The way she explained it – things are magic because of us. They aren’t just magic on their own. She gave Zoey a little piece of cloth and told her that, in time, with enough belief, it’d become a magical talisman, like the knife. I kind of understood what she meant. I mean – it’s the idea behind religion and stuff like that. That faith healers work because people believe they’ll work. Stuff like that. She left, and though that didn’t fix our stuff, we were able to charge everything up again.

The thing we’d come up here to find was a Yeti, basically. But it didn’t matter – the Yeti wasn’t real. It was another fake one, but we spun it nonetheless. Still… the trip wasn’t a total bust. Nox was pretty awesome overall, and I enjoyed our meeting, even if Zoey seemed a little sour about the way Nox had been a little… short with her questions. Plus I got my concealed carry permit for Alaska. How badass is that? Though, we got the message that apparently, we were doing a convention next week. There were two – one that Zoey would be doing, and one where we’d all be on our very own panel. A panel I would be on. Ugh.

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