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Zoe’s Notes:

The producers of our show arranged for our team to be guests at Phenomenology 105, where if you had a certain amount interest in ghosts to demons to alien abduction or anything else in between, then this would be the place for you to be. However, in order for us to be able to do this really cool event, first I had to make an appearance at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theatre for PaleyFest 2013. My task was to interview the cast and crew of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with pre-submitted questions. I would have enjoyed it more if I had gotten the chance to ask them questions of my own, but it was pretty neat to meet all those guys, sine I am a fan of the show.

Then it was off to Pennsylvania to join the rest of the nerd population of Gettysburg who had descended upon the Eisenhower Hotel Convention Center for Phenomenology 105. We had a blast meeting the fans and other investigators from various fields of studies. Virgil sent us a disturbing text, I located Marisa and the two of us went to check on him. We found him in his hotel room lying on his bed unconscious. Once we brought him around Virgil told us that while he was in the elevator, all the lights went out and he was attacked by someone. Suddenly there was a young girl dressed in goth clothing, as well as wearing a pair of cestus a type of ancient battle gloves and she was also carrying a knife. Marisa went to stop her getting any closer and she burst into a wave of water.

I went back downstairs and I gave a lighthearted lecture, which just for fun I entitled: “The Phenomenological Approach to Paranormal Investigations” which got a pretty good laugh from the crowd. Marisa stayed with Virgil during my speech and when I rejoined them, he seemed to be doing a bit better. The three of us went back to the conference room where Eliza joined us with Bubba and Moshi. Our roundtable discussion went well and we finished out the rest of our night at a haunted B&B.

The next day we went to the Dwight D. Eisenhower house where Eliza had vision or you might even be able to call it an out-of-body experience. While this incidence was taking place, Eliza’s body doesn’t respond to any type of stimulus, for example her eyes didn’t act in response to light. After it was over, about thirty minutes later she was talking to a man that she didn’t recognize until she came out of her trance. She told us that it was President Eisenhower, who came across as a very nice person and she really felt like she deeply benefitted from visiting with him. We ended up with enough footage for not one, but two really good episodes.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E06 & S03E07:

1. Assorted Hotel MiniFridge Liquor ($35)
During our first day at the Paranormal convention the studio sent us to, I notice a rather gothy looking girl observing me from across the room. Wondering if she was in some way a threat a fan, I attempted to follow her but was stopped by convention security and accused of harassment unable to keep track of her in the crowded convention. Latter, in an elevator I was stabbed repeatedly in the butt was assaulted by -some invisible presence someone who snuck up on me. Weak, I made my way to my hotel room and did some basic first aid. This included using the hotel liquor as a way to dull the pain and pass out after warning the crew.

2. Friday night at General Lee’s Headquarters & the Eisenhower Hotel’s Farmhouse ($120)
Not wanting to stay at the hotel after the ghostly attack attack by, I assume, the obsessed goth fan, I signed myself and some of the crew up for the Friday and Saturday night stays at two haunted houses. While we got some good footage, the trips were uneventful unlike our trip to the Dwight D. Eisenhower house where Eliza had some sort of vision.

4. Hospital Care for wounds to buttocks for Virgil and Eliza (See Hospital Bill)

While shooting at the Dwight D. Eisenhower house, Eliza had a vision of the dead president something that appeared to be a seizure. We took her to the hospital where she got a clean bill of health. I also got better treatment for my embarrassing injury.

Riz’s perspective:

So Pennsylvania isn’t that bad. We went to this thing for phenomenology or something like that. It was mostly a PR thing – we weren’t investigating anything major, though we decided to try and poke around a few haunted houses just so we could get an episode out of it. Still, it was pretty cool, actually. Zoey and I kind of went off and did our own thing – Eliza was doing something with the haunted house tours. Zoey knew more about the occult stuff, and honestly I was just kind of glad to be there. One guy tried to grab Zoey’s butt and I may or may not have dislocated one of his fingers, but all in all, it was a good time. I picked up this wicked looking set of silver bullets – mostly out of how cool they looked than anything else. I’m going to talk to Vergil about making them into jewelry or something. I’m not big on dangly earrings, but a necklace with silver bullets on them? Might be cool.

That is, it was a good time until Virgil texted us about getting attacked in an elevator. Now, I recognize I can’t be everywhere at once, but it still made me feel like shit that I wasn’t there to help Virgil when he needed it. We went to check up on him, and there was this creepy girl there, with spiked knuckle-gloves. I went to shut her bitch-ass down, and she exploded. Like, I didn’t do anything, she just popped like a water balloon – filled with water. We were soaked. Zoey went to look after Virgil who might very well have been a little drunk, and I got us some towels to be less moist with. After doing the medical thing, Zoey had to go do a lecture – I stayed behind in case crazy water balloon chick popped up again. Everyone made it back okay, including Eliza, Bubba, and Moochie, We had to do a panel interview thing… There were a couple of people who asked what it was like doing security on a job like this, and I told them about this one time I roundhouse kicked this guy in an alien mask so hard that the mask flew off. It was like a more violent Scooby-Doo reveal. I dunno, it was actually a lot of fun, and I did better than I thought I would, considering how much I’m not a fan of stuff like that.

We didn’t do much else that day – I stuck with Virgil who’s ass was a little tender, but for the most part, it was quiet. The next day was when we did our ghost hunting – now, the producers aren’t big on us doing ghost episodes, so it was just being fit in to hopefully save a little money on the budget. It was a president’s house or something – and when we got there, Eliza went all comatose. She said she met a president, later, and at first I was skeptical… then I remembered there was a god apparently paying attention to me, so who the hell was I to question? The rest of the trip was pretty quiet which, after getting mauled by a little gothic girl, we were all thankful for.

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