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Zoe’s Notes

We arrived safe under the unexpected leadership skills of Moshi getting us to the meeting place in the Grand Canyon, where this odd trial was being held against our good friend, Virgil. A large gathering of people were there that strongly reminded me of Medieval /Renaissance Faire Dwarves who called themselves the Sons of Dokker. While the Hidden People were also there dressed as Elven gypsies one would also seen at the same faire.

The caves that these Dwarfs called their home looked more like minors’ tunnels, nothing neither very Tolkienesque in appearance nor anything against the way Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of these literary masterpieces either. There just wasn’t Middle-earth fortress to be overwhelmed by here.

When we finally got to see Virgil he was in the middle of a very crowded room inside an iron-cage, I wanted to talk to him, after waiting a few moments we wondered over to see how he was holding up. Which was surprisingly well, he informed us that he needed to find someone here willing to take on his case a defend him against the charges of being possessed by the spirit of an insane ancient Dwarven king who enslaved his own people into forging and laboring against their own wills. He later had them all put to death and left them dishonorably buried.

Well realized that our friend needed a great deal of help from someone who understood the ways of these people and how their laws worked. Marisa, Eliza and me went in different directions looking around for such a person. Only after about a few moments I had asked enough of the right looking people the right questions and was pointed out a very noble looking woman of Moshi’s Elven looking stock of people.

She and I discussed what was going on and she then wanted to speak with Virgil, after these two short discussions she was more than confident that she could easily win our friend his freedom.
She never told us her name, but she went stood right before the three judges and the court bailiff to call for the trial to begin. For some odd reason, Virgil seemed to know a good deal of his rights, including his right to request for his friends to have a translator present.

The Judges introduced themselves which seemed to take a number of hours our translator summed their speeches in less than four seconds. The old woman defending Virgil spoke for about five minutes and according to our translator said that he didn’t do anything. The judges left to deliberate and were at it the rest of the night. By the morning the court spent maybe ten minutes explaining than they felt like Virgil was still possessed but not by the spirit of the evil King, but one of his enslaved people instead. So they had no reason to hold him and he was free to go.

Afterwards the gathering seemed to continue merrily and our crew was quickly able put together an episode calling it: “the Ghosts of the Grand Canyon” about Indians, settlers, minors and we had numerous volunteers to interview, play shadowy figures or off camera noises, ETC. We came out with a better show than most of last season’s episodes. On a side-note: following these unforeseen events to our group it was my suggestion we all now have copies of each other’s house keys, just in case.

Riz’s perspective

In case you were curious – elves and dwarves are hippies. I didn’t know that. None of us did. Now, I wouldn’t say it to their faces, ‘cause they’re pretty nice ( though they have some weird ass traditions ) but man, let me tell you. It’s creepy. They just do their own thing – it doesn’t matter who’s cooking, who’s playing… or who’s drink it is. They will pick up a cup off the ground, drink it, and hand it off to the next person. Same with their food. I dunno. I didn’t share my plate, I was ravenous.

Virgil was locked up in a cage. Like, hardcore, cage. It was almost like something out of fifty shades of grey…

Not that I’ve ever read it.

So, Virgil is apparently a ghost dwarf in disguise. Or he’s possessed by one. I asked if we needed a priest, but apparently that was a stupid idea and I just got weird looks from people. Excuse me for not being the ghost expert in the [i]mountain of goblin people.[/i]

Luckily, Virgil just needed a defender, and Zoey’s got that kind of face that got someone into it. The old lady ( I swear if Zoey asks about tribal elders one more time I’m going to start throwing things at her ) was actually pretty good at what she was doing, and we actually had a translator so we knew what was going on in whatever booga-booga language they were using. Shut up, I know that was racist, but come on! It was like completely not normal language.

Weirdly enough, they have this whole rule where someone can stand in for a prisoner, so when night came, Moshi took Virgil’s place so he could get some real food, real drinks, and half-decent rest. I thought it was unusually noble, and took the guy some food. I didn’t even snap his hand in the morning when I gave him a platonic hug and he used the opportunity to grab my ass. ( Not that it was an entirely bad thing… I mean the dude’s hot. )

So, the court of goblins agreed that Virgil was possessed, but they didn’t need to kill him. He wasn’t the ghost of the goblin king or something… I don’t remember. There was a story – an evil goblin king did some bad shit and now they don’t want the ghost of the evil goblin king to come back and do more bad shit.

We actually managed to make a pretty kickass episode out of the trip, which is always a good thing. But it was glad to be back together as a team.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List


1. Property Insurance Claim (Pending)
Filed after some freaking dwarves dokker no, freaking dwarves robbers broke into my house and kidnapped me. They put me on trial for being possessed by the ghost of an old crazy dwarf king must have targeted me as they knew from the show that I would be gone for a long period. I was taken to at the Grand Canyon where the crew came to save me and found a Hidden Person to defend me in trial for an episode on ghosts and I won my trial on account of not being subject to their law and being possessed by a different ghost thus missed the entire thing. While this event has shaken me, I refuse to blame minorities for the crime like some of my neighbors but I am absolutely going to hold a grudge against dwarves, elves, and gods.

Gardall FB-1212
2. Another Gardall FB-1212 Safe ($800)
After the trial under the Grand Canyon break in, I decided to try and neutralize hide the possessed ring my valuables by burying them in a safe in my yard. If I need its power again I need to sell any of them, I know were to look under the youngest Eucalyptus tree.

Colt AF2011-A1
3. Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol ($1200)
If the monsters criminals are willing to strike at homes, we have to be prepared. Plus, look at the craftsmanship.

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