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Albino Flying Lizards Pt 1

Zoe’s Notes:

We were all back in the studio, with the exception of Eliza, she hadn’t been kidnapped, well unless you consider a family reunion that your parents wouldn’t let you out of kidnapping. I suppose we would have to let Eliza be the finale judge to what her family obligations felt like to her. We were still ahead of our production schedule, but instead of getting lazy, we were pressing on like always. Maybe we’d end up with a special episode or two? We had been brainstorming, internet searching and no new ideas to work with.

Marisa asked us if anyone else had read a few weeks ago about the dinosaur sightings in Arkansas. Virgil was already googling it,… numerous Pterosaur sightings in Central Arkansas near Cedarville which is a city in Crawford County, Arkansas. Okay, so we had an idea for our next show but really no ideas on what course of action for us to follow. At least Joleen, Eliza’s PA booked us hotel rooms and made sure that the bus and van were full of provisions for our trip to Arkansas.

We did a good deal of filming our road trip, including Moshi’s horrific turn at the wheel, something that won’t be happening again anytime soon. We arrived at our hotel where there wasn’t anything going on and someone in our group thought we might be able to get the local info at a bar. We ended up at a place called ‘The Can’ it was sort of a redneck dive, but the patrons seemed nice enough. They just didn’t seem to know anything about any local rumors about Pterodactyls or Pteranodons flying around.

The following day we went to the library and uncovered a book written by Joseph Cocker who was a local Naturalist that died during World War I. Throughout his life he spent a good part searching for these prehistoric animals. He didn’t illustrate his text with drawing rather he illustrated them with his words. His descriptions of these creatures were so vivid you could almost see them. He had another larger and more expansive book in the resource materials section. I went to speak to one of the librarians from that section and was surprised to find a mega-fan here outside the con circuit.

He was about twenty-two years old and what me to sign everything, including his chest. But he brought the book we were looking for to us and also helped us avoid some of the dryer parts of this huge book and get right to what we needed to know. He also happened to know that once Joseph Cocker died since he had no one to leave his property to that it revered back to the state and who knows what we might find out there. We went out to the location and at least where we were there wasn’t anywhere for one of these large beast to hide.

Even so, I had this unsettling feeling that we were being followed. I pointed this out to the others and everyone could plainly see that there wasn’t anyone or anything in the brushy tree-line. Then Marisa used some of her secret knowledge she recently learned from the goddess, Nox. Absolute darkness surrounded us and after a few moments of looking around, she told us that she spotted something in the trees. She tried to lead us to where it was, but we couldn’t see anything in the dark, then she lifted her shadows and there in one of the trees was a pale white lizard that sounded very embarrassed as he said: “Looks like you found me”.

Riz’s Perspective:

So, for once I totally netted us a gig! Like, normally I’m the one waiting around and really surprised when they find these weird things, but I totally read about these flying dinosaurs in Arkansas and they thought it was good enough to do an episode. I’m pretty pleased with myself – I’m not the creative juice behind the team, that’s for sure, so contributing kind of gave me a warm-fuzzy. If you tell anyone, I’ll break your legs.

The drive there was long (and terrifying when we let Moshi drive) but we got there in one piece. Our first stop? A dive bar where I the booze was good, but the info was useless. I kept hoping someone would start a bar fight, but no such luck. It’d be nice to get a little physical with a guy or two – completely normal human guys – where we’d actually fight, not start waving wands like Harry Potter.

We went to a library the next day, and this kid was completely going after Zoey. I mean it was sickening in one way, but adorable in another, you know? He was totally head over heels, and Zoey just made his day. Signed anything, everything. I don’t even think the guy’s gonna e-bay any of it. He’s gonna make a shrine. I thought I might have to menace him a little so he didn’t go all stalker on us, but the kid chilled out after we left.

Anyways. We went to this land we found in the library, and started poking around. We all kind of felt this weird… you know ‘we’re being watched’ deal, but none of us could see anything more than a little bit of wiggling here and there. I kind of got a little fed up with playing hide and seek, and to prove I was better at it than whoever was messing with us, I invoked some of my new skills. I just forgot to warn everyone. Virgil got a little spooked until I told him it was me.

Walking around, I found a creepy little lizard and… well, I didn’t want to lose it. The thing looked confused and a bit scared, but that’s okay. I walked the team over, set them to looking in the right way, and lifted the darkness… note to self, do it gradually – people aren’t as capable as I am of seeing when light shifts like that.

Lo and behold, there was a talking lizard.

See? I should pick the assignments more often.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E09 (Part 1):

1. Car Insurance Policy Modification (Pending)
So I someone thought it would be a good idea to put Moshe to work for a bit and have him drive on the way to Bumblefuck Walmartville Central Arkansas. This was not a good idea. It has become increasingly obvious that Moshe not only doesn’t want to work but that his skill set is limited to minimal hobo survival skills and survival level grooming. Regardless, I have decided to add Moshe to the insurance with a high return policy since he may have to drive us away from danger in emergency.

2. Bar Tab at ‘The Can’ ($55)
As usual, we tried to liquor up our self before the shit goes down the locals and get some information out of them. As usual, the locals also knew pretty much nothing. It is a bit disturbing how often we find things right under these people’s noses bad this bar was. Regardless of not getting much to go on, Zoey and the crew did there library research afterwards and somehow led us to a forest where a small white dragon stalked us which served as a good locale for a few potential action shots. If I hadn’t had that drink the night before, might have shot that thing and not with the camera.

Session 16

World of Darkness: Reloaded Teleute