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Albino Flying Lizards Pt 2

Zoe’s Notes:

(Enter Toby)

As we looked up at this, well for lack of better terms I would guess baby dragon I answered it. ‘Yes, it looks like we did find you’. It seemed to cheer up a bit and it responded, ‘but then it looks like I found you too’. We all smiled at each other and agreed that it had and I invited ‘him’ to climb down. At this point there was something that just told us that he was without doubt male. He joined us on the ground and we all introduced ourselves to him, but he didn’t have a name that we couldn’t even enunciate. Since I had been conversing with him the longest, I quickly discovered that our new friend spoke like a bigot and chauvinistic, but didn’t really understand what it was exactly he was saying.

He had obviously learned to speak English by over hearing some of the local narrow-minded populist. We had been learning about each other and saw some of our new-found acquaintance’s abilities with air. Bubba told me that the dragon kind of reminded him of a racist Uncle of his and so he’d been calling him: ‘Toby’. I didn’t want to identify him with someone like that, but the dragon really seemed to take a real liking to the name,… so Toby it was.

Toby had told us that he had already travelled around the world a little bit, that he was what was called a Seeker and the ability to sense anything of supernatural origin. .Toby told us that he had a vastly ancient dragon which he had met during the course of his travels that had cultured the young dragon on the way of their kind. From time-to-time the two would meet together and Toby would get additional education. We discussed what an advantage it would be having him along for his powers and Toby happily agreed to accompany us. While Bubba, Toby and I drove back in production van, I took it upon myself to become Toby’s newest teacher.

I suddenly found myself with the most incredible appetite for learning I had ever encountered before. No matter the subject of study, my new student soaked up the materials. Not only did we now have a perfect candidate for Mensa, gone now was all that parroted prejudiced and intolerant that use to come spewing forth from him. Once we reached home we had been discussing it and had decided that Virgil would build Toby a very nice home in his own backyard and I would continue working with him as an instructor.

In the mean time Toby still lived out of the back of our production van and Eliza finally got to meet the newest member of our team one afternoon, which the two seemed to hit it off fairly well. Our dragon wanted to prove himself and we thought that we might drive around to see what he might be able to sense or locate. After riding around for a short time while Toby directed us, we ended up out in front of the Hollywood Museum, that claim to be the most comprehensive collection of authentic Hollywood memorabilia ever assembled.

We decided to case the place and then break in later with Toby to find out what it was that drew him here. After dark we all snuck back in this time with Toby and he lead us right to a case that was dedicated to the 1920 silent film The Mark of Zorro starring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Toby pointed to one of the two production swords used by Fairbanks himself. Marisa unlocked the case and then handed the one Toby said was magical to me. Marisa also suggested that I focus like we use to on the dagger and so I took her advise the next thing I knew I was standing before a cloaked man with a rapier in his hand that claimed he was there to teach me how to use the blade. I agreed and he had me feeling like I was ready to take on the world. I returned and asked Virgil to create a copy of this weapon so I could keep the original. He was able to do so and we replaced it for the rapier from the case. My teach had told me that I should return tomorrow for more training and we would fake up some purchasing records to explain where this magnificent collectible

Riz’s perspective:

So, I like this dragon. It’s cute ( don’t forget the leg breaking I do. Threat’s still there. ) and though it’s got a dirty mouth, I kind of like that about it. Virgil is being ridiculously paranoid, all worried that the dragon was going to eat us like the last dragon tried to do. I pointedly reminded him that I took care of the last dragon, and would not let him hurt Toby. If he tried to, there would be… repercussions.

Hopefully he takes that seriously, ‘cause I have not worn my mudhole-stomping boots in a while now.

Anyways. I think Zoey is adopting Toby, ( the dragon! ) and teaching him all sorts of stuff. Part of me wants to teach him stuff, too, like how to pick a lock, but I don’t know if it can even do stuff that requires thumbs. But he totally got used to an RV car thing, and got bored with it pretty quick. We’re keeping it in the production van for a while.

Zoey wanted an example of our new dragon’s ability to find ‘special’ stuff. He found us, told us we’re different… or at least partially different.

So we drove around until he told us to stop, and we went in at night to check around. Needless to say, my amazing burgling skills came in handy again, because we had to break in to a friggin’ museum. The Hollywood museum, no less. So in we go, up the stairs, poking around as we always do when we go breaking and entering, until we find a magic sword. Another picked lock later, we have a magic sword. I hand it to Zoey, who…

Well, I don’t know what she was trying to do with it. I told her how to activate its power in the best way I could, and she went somewhere for a bit. When she came back, I couldn’t stop myself from a little “Toldya” as she’d gotten all sweaty, and clearly had gotten a nice little workout. She learned the sword, I’m guessing. I will have to show her a few real world applications to using a rapier, because you don’t get to walk around with a sword without drawing a bit of attention to yourself.

Virgil the Lego-Master made a replica and we stashed it in the place, so no one would know we stole it. Sneaky sneaky…

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E09 (Part 2):
Rc copter
1. Assorted RC Toys from Toys’R’Us ($120)
Purchased to try and engage with Toby the Dragon our low witted roadie Moshe. We were not entirely sure what to do with him as Toby asked to be shown a good ole time he didn’t seem to have much to do this trip. Being an adolescent dragon on a lower pay grade, he did not seem to be amused by what we expect him to be. Disturbingly, in hindsight, we basically treated a very dangerous supernatural creature an adult like a small child, though it did work to an extent.

2. Netflix Streaming Supscription ($7.99 per month)
Continuing our project because we decided to take the freaking dragon home, Zoey decided a bit of reeducation would be necessary. Thus, using our mobile internet connection, an educational entertain spreed was had via Netflix streaming and the internet. As we are now using my Netflix account for supernatural reeducation crew entertainment, I am now counting the account as a business expense. I believe the small write off is worth it for knocking the hillbilly out of Toby.

3. Storage Shed (Final Budget Pending)
I should have known that I would be stuck with the dragon work would one day follow me home. To accommodate the potentially growing dragon future building needs, I have constructed a lavish full service home in miniature crafting workshop in my backyard for Toby show projects.

4. Replica Sword ($250)
A simple forgery prop expense but notable for its need in covering up our break in to the Hollywood Cafe accuracy and expense as a replica of Zorro’s rapier from the original The Mark of Zorro film. Blame Toby Dr. Monroe.

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