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Invisible Flying Super-beings Pt 1

Zoe’s Note

Our being ahead of our schedule was about to be a thing of the past, we needed new ideas for episodes. A few of the producers of the show presented us with a scoop on alien lights, which Virgil went to town on and found out they could just easily ghostly lights and that they were a few leads already out there that we could follow-up on. So we loaded up in both the bus and the van and we were off. Not very long after we left the lot and before we go on to the freeway, a portion of a building near us exploded.

Most to the vehicles and foot traffic began to flee the scene while our group embarked on seeing how we could help. After a few more explosions Virgil seemed to impulsive be able to tell what was going on, so I focused on my artifact and I felt drawn to the area where my friend was standing. I could now hear a voice calling to me for help, but I still couldn’t see where that voice was coming from. Soon Virgil and Marisa were there with me the voice instructed us to take some of his blood and smear it somewhere on myself.

Then I could see the owner of the voice, he was wounded and seemed a bit nervous. After a few moments I could see why, a huge monster was attacking the very building that was damaged from the explosion and it seemed like Virgil, this man and now myself seemed to be taking shelter from this creature. Marisa joined us, then the man took her by the hands and she could now both see and hear him. He told us he was a Shinigami or “death god” and we was here to destroy that foul spirit, but right now wasn’t strong enough to finish the job. He touched our weapons with his bloody hands and told us that us that we would be able to destroy this creature using his blood.

Our attacks hurt it, but didn’t seem to do much damage. During our struggle Marisa got to close to it and it knocked threw the ceiling. As hopeless as it seemed Virgil and I pulled back, but continued our attack on the beast. What I didn’t know was Eliza stabilized Marisa and then Marisa called once up Nox to aid her, which she did. The next thing we knew was Marisa returned fighting with a giant bone staff and bashing the creature all around. We continued to help her as best we could but once she had it on the ropes I retreated with our Shinigami and tried to heal him to no avail.

Marisa finished the thing off and collapsed, I rushed to her aid just in time to use my supernatural ointment. While her body was restored to health she remained knocked out, we took our friend the Shinigami back to the van and we turned around to head back to the studio.

Riz’s Perspective:

Fun fact. Night and Death are not synonymous. I thought they were before I went to the Dark Realm, but that’s not the case. Nox doesn’t have power over the dead, and as a side effect, neither do I, not really. But the dead didn’t seem to really give a damn. We were on our way out of the city when things started breaking and exploding and flying invisible superheroes crashed… well… everything. Virgil, Zoey, and I went to investigate – Bubba, Moshi, and Eliza took Toby to get out of sight.

Collapsing buildings? Also no fun. Something was clearly happening that we couldn’t see – so I tried to focus on the surroundings like I do with my Darksight. All I got was Nox telling me to back off and leave it alone.

As much as I’m for that… well, I’m not. My friends are going in, and I don’t want them to get hurt. We get in, and Virgil is talking to the wall. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know how crazy things can get, but the walls were coming down, he was being crazy, and… and then I got blood spattered on my arm. Then I could see the dude, ( the very bloody dude ), the big black sludgemonster trying to eat the building, and… well, let’s just say I kind of wish I’d listened to Nox.

He put blood on our bullets ( gross ) and suddenly we were able to peg at the monster. The monster, though, didn’t really care. It’s at times like this I wish I always have my HAW, but… that’s just me. Anyways. The thing reached for me, and I wasn’t really worried because it wasn’t moving particularly quickly…

Then I got to learn what it’s like to fly.

I got my ass royally pulverized. Now, I don’t know what it is with the supernatural everything wanting to beat the hell out of me, but they do a pretty good job. Nox showed up to me, and kindly informed me that maybe I should have listened to her. I couldn’t help but agree… except for the fact that I couldn’t let my friends stay in the middle of the line of fire. I like them a lot, but most of them… aren’t exactly cut out for the rough and tumble.

Then again, the fact that I’m usually the one in traction doesn’t speak much for my ability to get rough and tumble, does it?

She made me an offer. Now, I knew when I signed up for this gig that I would have to pay for the power I got. I’d work for her, and for me, that’s okay. She’s straightforward, and for the most part, I am glad she’s taken me into her interests. She’s… definitely the god I’d pick to throw my chips in with ( though my grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew what I was doing now. ) But she very clearly informed me that this would not be a cheap thing she was doing for me. It would cost her.

That meant it would cost me. I knew that, and I still said yes.

She gave me a little time, and she gave me a weapon. When I came to, Eliza was there, she’d given me a bit of triage to stabilize the worst of the fact that I’d had my ass kicked by an invisible monster. With a thanks, I picked up the giant bone, and suddenly I became a ghost. I think. Sort of. Whatever, all I knew was that I could fly, and pass through stuff. Also, the giant bone weapon that she gave me definitely showed the monster who’s boss. Asshole.

I turned the thing into paste before… well, I ran out of the time Nox had given me. All my injuries came back to me. Eliza told me later that Zoey used some of her magic ointment to fix me up a bit. Unfortunately it’s not a cure-all, but hey, definitely better than traction.

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List


1. Dry Cleaning ($30)
First, I would like to note that this has been the cheapest episode of our run and potentially will win us a Peabody if we edit out all the shinigami and freakish globular ghosts it right. Other than the film, gas, hospital bills, and salary, the only real expense was getting the invisible blood that I hope isn’t still there dust and dirt out of all our clothes. The potential for raising the shows profile by running this episode as close to the tragic otherworldly event as possible is something I definitely think should be pushed on the executives.

Session 18

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