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Invisible Flying Super-beings Pt 2

Zoe’s Notes

Our friend the Shinigami who called himself, Bilbo Baggins said that we needed to turn back around and go back the way we came from. Something big was coming and he needed to face it, we agreed to take him back and help him if we could. Toby, our supernatural seeker dragon could not sense Bilbo at all and the Shinigami who had never seen a dragon before, wasn’t surprised at all that the dragon couldn’t perceive him at all on any level. I requested two samples of blood from Bilbo, one I collected on a slide and the other I took up with a simple piece of cloth. I ran the first one under a microscope, which left me with more questions than answers. The second I deposited inside of my mojo bundle.

Once we arrived a massive spiritual construct was rising up over top of a stadium, Bilbo had by no means seen anything like this before and was perhaps more afraid of it then we were. I was looking of some insight before going forwarded with any plan of action. So I thought back to the spirit, possibly even minor deity, a Native American looking woman that called herself ‘the canyon dweller’ and called out to her. I felt like she heard me and was near, so I went looking for her and I found her speaking with Eliza on the bus. My teacher told us that she hadn’t anyway herself of dealing with this place of darkness and wished to leave this place.

Thanking her, I let her return to her chasm home. Marisa had regain consciousness during this little meeting and I was glad to see her smiling at us. We went back over to our van and Bilbo suggested (after some digging) that there was a Shinigami, who come probably be able to handle this and he met even come to help us, if we called out to him for help. I was more than willing to try asking him for help and I focused on his name and called it out three times: “Yoshihiro”. It would seem like I summoned up an enraged anime personality of some sort. He insulted poor Bilbo, threatened all of us, mainly me and then did some fancy parlor trick than evolved some Shinto rituals with paper seals and fire but had no effect on the tower itself.

I looked at Bilbo and asked what it was that great Yoshihiro had done, Bilbo explained that it was a mere spell to detect the present of magic. Now acting as if the cosmos itself should bow down and worship him, from where he stood Yoshihiro once again threaten Bilbo, me and my friends and turned to leave. I was NOT amused,… I step off the van, my friends where calling after me, as I marched across the parking lot after him. Then I called out: “Hey you, god! If it is true that the gods themselves are reliant on mortals for spiritual adoration, then be aware now. Then you have done nothing to deserve our adoration this day!”

Eliza who still could not see or hear the Shinigami was standing there holding my hand, not sure what was going on, but trying her best to support me. Yoshihiro stopped and turned around and began irately advancing his way back towards us. I wasn’t moving, Eliza was more than a little anxious when she asked me what was going on. Before I could answer her, Marisa was there by our side with her staff in hand. Yoshihiro stopped and reaching inside of his briefcase produced twin gohei zigzagging paper streamers. He released it and it flew into the air and landed on my shoulder. I could feel a certain amount of magic coming off from it.

Now with a faint smile on his face, Yoshihiro nodded at me and was gone. I gathered up the seal and placed it inside my mojo. We had no choice now but to storm the tower, Bilbo blessed Eliza, Moshi and their weapons so that they could both see as a well as affect the enemies around them. We were able to split our force into two and utterly destroy the dark fortress and creatures within. As a precaution I took a sample of the black ooze in a flash disk case and safely place it also inside my mojo. Virgil pleaded with Bilbo to destroy the Dwarven ring but the Shinigami hesitated and said… that by doing so it would get rid of a part of Virgil as well. I had no idea what that meant, but it didn’t seem to bother Virgil at all. The ring was then obliterated Bilbo disappeared and we returned home to our studio.

Riz’s Perspective:

I woke up with a mammoth headache… but at least I woke up. Everything ached. Eliza was sitting there next to me, which was good, because I think it would have sucked waking up and not really sure where I was or who I was with. To be fair, I think I was pretty close to dying, and Nox intervened. I know it’ll be on my head going forward… but I also know that I need to not push my luck like that again. Zoey was there, too, and grandma was like, annoyed with her. Lots of annoyed.

Well, I think she was my grandma. I was still kind of woozy.

Anyways. We stopped in a parking lot because there was a thing. To be specific, there was this giant pillar of scary… stuff. In the middle of the stadium. We were in the parking lot because we were apparently trying to come up with a plan of action that wouldn’t end up with us being… murdered. So Zoey talked to Bilbo… Frodo… bloody-guy-with-hobbit-name, and he gave her a name. She used said name, and there was a screaming scary man falling from the sky. He hit the ground and he was pissed.

Not only was he pissed at what’s-his-face, he was pissed at Zoey ‘cause she was a woman or something. I don’t know. Honestly I was sitting in the van and the dude kicked it which sucked. He did some fancy paper tricks, was about to walk off all threatening, when Zoey got all twenty-first century girl on him. Now, see, I learned my lesson. You don’t piss off entities of great power, and he was one of those things.

He started walking towards Zoey, who was apparently not in an apologetic mood. It got to the point where I was worried for her safety, so I got out of the van, turned on my bone ( shut up ) and the dude stopped. So clearly the bone thing is scarier than I originally gave it credit for. But Japanese creeper apparently liked that Zoey was talking back to him… so hey, whatever. He gave her a magic paper to put in her bag of tricks, and I got to sit down again.

We finally decided that the only plan of action was to go in bloody guns blazing and hope no one died.

Nox is gonna kill me for this.

We get in and the big tower of shadowy gunk sprouts more gunkmonsters. Luckily, these gunkmonsters kind of sucked by comparison. I was hanging back because everyone seemed kind of nervous, and though I had my cloak of darkness goin’ on, I really didn’t think I could take a hit from any of these things. We took down one, and ran inside. ( Everyone else ran. I flew. )

Once in there, we saw that things were weird. There was a pool in the middle, full of that gunk-y stuff, and at the top… well… that was my job. Something started coming out of the pool, and I flew upwards. Once I got up there, I could hear a lot of gunfire, but not much else. I smashed through the top of it, mostly because it seemed right. You know that gut feeling you get when you’re aiming down your sights and you just know it’s the right time to fire? The breeze has stopped for just a split second…

Yeah. That feeling.

I came back down, and splattered the fucking thing. Bilbo zapped it with positive sparkle energy ( quoting Eliza here. ) and made the whole place turn in to gross jelly. We all took off, and it splattered everywhere. Zoey caught a bit of goop, and stuffed it in her bag… and Virgil, who’d gotten his magic goblin ring to try and see if he could make sense of the ghost tower, had Bilbo zap it, too. Though Bilbo hesitated and said… that it would get rid of a part of him, too. I don’t know what that means for him… hopefully he does.

At that point, the guy took off, we went back to the studio, and I totally zonked out.

Virgil’s Personal Financial Notes

I got rid of that damn ring. Last trace of the supernatural on my body. Apparently, it took my love/compulsion/OCD for building with it. I haven’t lost any of that old skill, but the desire is gone. Luckily, other drives quickly filled that hole. I have to thank Wōden for that one day.

I think I’ll name the new store Godslayer’s Gun Range, Home Security, and Family Fun.

Session 19

World of Darkness: Reloaded Teleute