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Zoe’s Notes

(Supernatural Fight Club)

We arrived back at the studios, where Virgil and I remained to edit and polish our latest footage. Most everyone else left for their respective homes. Hours later once I had a chance to go home too, I had only been asleep a short-time got a call from a worried sounding Virgil. It would seem Marisa was awoken by Bubba sounded very upset and drunk. Between his phone’s GPC and Marisa making a few return calls, we found out where he was at.

So we drove to this bar and found out that everyone was in the back having a no-holds-bar king of the hill fight. There in the middle of the ring was Bubba and standing against a greatly chiseled man, a few moments later Bubba was facedown. We all went to see if we could help, which he didn’t seem to want at all. He just wanted to fight some more and he wanted to brought the money from one of us to do so. We all reused to give him the fifty dollars he needed to re-enter and so he gave them his pistol, which was accepted. Bubba got only one shot in before his lights got putout and I was finally able to use my mystical healing salve on him.

Shockingly Eliza was next to take the challenge and surprisingly lasted two rounds and then not unexpectedly at all Marisa. She at least gave him something to think about with a heavy strike to the jaw and I spent a while applying my mystic medical liniment to my fallen friends. We hung-out with these outlaw bikers that all seem to give an imperceptible unnatural feeling, especially their champion. He had a rather feline fluidness to his movements and they called him: “The wolverine”. Virgil and I helped load everyone in cars and then drove everyone else home and put them to bed.

The following morning, Virgil and I had a meeting with the TV executives to see if we could move this last episode pushed up to airing next. They all jumped on the idea and the Discovery Channel network Executive, Herschel “Shel” Braunstein, wanted to press Virgil and myself into more-or-less changing the format of our show. We informed him that we would have to discuss this ideas with the others first. Virgil and I plan on having a big meeting with the crew tomorrow to converse on what our next point of action should be. I in the meantime went to check on Bubba, who invited me to stay and have some pizza with him. Which I did and I left Bubba the Szechuan Chicken dinner combo that I brought over for him in the refrigerator to have later.

Virgil’s Personal Financial Notes

My quick communique with Marissa’s Gun Range has put a damper on my plans to flip the old hardware store for a gun store. Still, I remain hopeful about my plans to add the store to our repository of assets against the supernatural. I just have to find a way to quickly make up the funds and meet the gun store owner’s ridiculous demands.

Bubba had a little break down over his unrequited love/infatuation with Marissa and this provided a surprising means of generating some income: a potentially supernatural fight club. There was a cash prize and it is held about every other week. If it wasn’t for Marissa’s injuries, I am confident that we would have gotten the prize. Even Bubba has one a few times, from what the night’s winner “The Wolverine” and his ‘pack’ members said. He… nor his dignity won this night.

I am not sure what sort of being the Wolverine and some of his friends might be, but there is the added bones of seeing some possible monsters get beaten. On the other hand… I am somewhat sure that these people are basically just a biker gang. At best, they may have been ‘enhanced’ somehow. Like Marissa with that dark god Nox.

Regardless, the fight club seems like one potential funding source. I also hope to extort some funds out of our network executive Herschel Braunstein. The man seems to be… well an idiot and, now that I have actually interacted with him enough to get a feel of his interests, easily tricked. Editing went well and I definitely smell Peabody. While there is no cash prize for the award, I kinda doubt ‘Shel’ knows that.

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