Session 21

Session 20

Organization Recruitment Team: ‘The Soldier’, ‘The Duck Hunter’, ‘The Suit’
Organization Flight Crew: ‘Pilot’, ‘Male Server/Loader’, ‘Female Server/Mechanic’
“Red Team”: ‘Sarge’ (former marine and sharpshooter), ‘Dex’ (gentleman pickpocket), and ‘Rich’(7 1/2 ft tall and wears overalls)
“Blue Team”: Leonard (grumpy intel analyst), Mike (former mob enforcer) , and Flowers (pink haired cyber goth girl)

Zoe’s Notes

Once again we were planning for our last episode for the session and maybe even one bonus for good measure. Virgil received an odd phone call, which he switched to speaking phone so we all could hear what was being said. They said that they represented one of many Recruitment Teams for the Organization, Which seemed like a backwater version of the MIB. They were highly interested in having Virgil joining them however he insisted that he didn’t work without us, which they seemed to already expect to be his answer.

Everyone on our team even Toby was instantly recruited and we found ourselves on a jet bound for outside the Chicago area to unite with other agents of this Organization. We loaded up on equipment a few generations ahead of what would be cutting edge and contacted both the Red and Blue Teams for a sit-down pow-wow. This is when I noticed a patch of total darkness in the skies and missing stars filling up the same area. It was about the same size as our moon, maybe larger and not test we subjected it to divulge anything about it, aspect it was somehow related to the towers that we faced a few weeks ago.

Once we meet with the other two teams and revealed to them the darkness spreading across the sky above us things started to happen very quickly. Moshi and Toby vanished without a trace I call upon the Shinigami who called himself, Bilbo and Marisa had called upon the goddess Nox. Both barely had the power to materialize before us. The next thing we knew we were airborne in a helicopter headed for the area of a sudden earthquake. We landed did a quick headcount and –

..As High Priestess Yezynydi Uzaythe it was my right to call together the noble officials of my court as well as summon the sanctified Roc bird to carry us to the site of the consecrated pyramids and possibly the site of the disturbances. We had hurried on to the best of our abilities when we could see an odd site unfolding before us, it seemed to be –

..That our dirigible was the epicenter of some sort of commotion as for once I must confess that Professor Arabella Sunderland was at a loss for words. I readied my handheld Frequency-Interfering Surveillance Holograph to get a reading when suddenly –

..I found myself waking up without a single memory in a field of dry grass about thirty yards from a divided freeway, there seemed to be a few others here with me. Maybe one of them remembered what was going on around here? Well, I hope so anyways,…

Session 21

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