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Navajo Country / The Naagloshii Pt 1

Note – Doctor Zoe Monroe
We took our show to inside the boundaries of the Navajo Indian Reservation of the Upper Fruitland, San Juan County, New Mexico. Looking to interview a few of the locals that might have witnessed some of the recent extraordinary sightings that had occurred in their community everything from giant pterodactyls to pegasus, griffins, to UFOs and contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

  • We were provided with a Navajo escort, Deputy Shirley Ties-Shoe employed with the County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Officer Ties-Shoe took our team to interview various eye-witnesses and also brought us to the Chuska Mountains to explore the area where most of the sightings had taken place.
  • The following morning Deputy Ties-Shoe guided us to the home of Navajo woman who told us some legends about the naaldlooshii or skinwalker.

We learned that the skinwalker is a very powerful witch and shapeshifter, capable of mind control and other trickery, might it also have the ability to conjure up nightmarish visions like the one seen by locals in the region? Now it seems that our group is about to have an encounter with these legendary nightmares, I only hope we can live to tell about it.

Riz’s perspective

Okay get this. There’s totally an Indian reserve called ‘upper Fruitland.’ Yeah, I thought that was kind of hilarious, too. Anyways. The whole point was that we were supposed to be looking for something spiritual and… something. I think we were originally looking for a pterodactyl or something. Apparently there’s all sorts of stuff happening here, because everyone we spoke to had a story to tell. But at least they looked fine while they did it. Unlike the backwoods swamplands, these guys told stories with style.

One in particular was this nice old lady who talked about Skinwalkers. Now, I’m no cryptozoologist, but I am sure there were movies about those guys. Not particularly good movies, but movies. She told us the story ( after we got the opportunity to talk to her about it ) and it was honestly kind of spooky. We staged it again, but the effect was much more awesome than ‘this is a boss trailer.’

The broken English was hilarious, too.

But apparently, these things aren’t fun to be around. They do bad things. To everyone. So apparently we shifted to talking about those things. There was an ‘eye witness’ sighting, so once again we decided to go out and camp. Because that worked out so well last time, right?

So we went out searching for stuff. I say stuff because honestly we didn’t really know –what- we were looking for. It was one of those exploratory ‘let’s find stuff and do establishing shots’ things. An hour later, we were one Virgil short, and the knife was doing interesting things – it does that sometimes. We did some stuff, and out of nowhere, I… knew everything about everything around me.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like… I’d been a seasoned hunter all my life. Not to mention, I was friggin’ hungry. I remember hunting, tracking, skinning, and eating a deer. Or something. The memories are clear, but when I try to remember how I was thinking, it’s like it’s not there. I dunno. Oh, I also found Virgil, who had apparently given up on life and buried himself underground to keep warm.

Yeah, I laughed too.

Sidenote – I made a really neat deer?skin thing. Don’t ask me how. Smoked deer jerky is awesome, too.

Eliza’s Journal:
This was where things got freaky Marissa and Zoey both said they almost got taken over my a male spirit. Then they got all suspicious of each other and Zoe pulled her gun and started asking questions. I backed away if those to alpha females were getting in a pissing match over leadership that was between them. I wanted no part of it. I would meet up with them back at the bus. Thats all for now…

Virgil’s Itemized Expense List

S03E04 (Part 1):

1. First Interview Fee ($200)
Our police escort let us to a Navajo woman’s home and setup an interview. We arranged a number of detail to ensure we had enough ‘Indian’ flavor and started the interview. I honestly wasn’t paying attention but a few details gave me pause. We decided to stay one more night since her stories hinted that something was definitely going on.

2. Dry Cleaning ($30)
In the desert that night we performed a blood ritual to Wōden using the knife and were given a supernatural hunting prowess. However, something in the city (we could see the flow of energy) drained that power from us. Lost in the desert after an attempted hunt… I buried myself in the ground for warmth. It did not work but I latter found out that it might have saved me from a naagloshii. I was latter found by Marissa. Don’t ask.

Session 08

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