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Zoe’s Notes

We had a day to work a bit on editing some footage together and were all suppose to be at the studio around nine in the morning. Everyone was there expect for Virgil, which wasn’t like him at all, since for one he had never missed a day of work. Also since an absence from work without notifying anyone is typically considered inconsiderate and defiantly not Virgil’s style at all. We tried calling his cell and his home phones, with no answer on either one. I used some of our work time to teach Eliza and Marisa both some artistic and technical aspects in editing process, which they seemed quick to learn.

Since we were already ahead of schedule, we decided to call it an early day and go check on Virgil. He lived in a gated community and it was a good thing that we were on the list of visitors. From the security guard’s station we drove up to Virgil’s house and found that the gate around his yard was locked and he wasn’t answering the callbox. Looking around a bit Marisa discovered a spot where we could hop over the fence and not be easily seen. Knocked at the front door, again no answer and we walked around to the backyard.

Once we rounded the corner we could clearly see that his backdoor had been smashed in. We entered through that door and searched the house for any sign of Virgil. His house looked like a battle had taken place there and of course he wasn’t anywhere to be found in the house. Marisa found an odd marking that none of us knew what it meant, so I took a picture of it with my iPhone and I was able to find Virgil’s keys under a turned over recliner. So I had Marisa unlock his gate and the front door, to give the appearance that we let ourselves in and then Eliza called the security guard to report the break-in.

Soon both the local police and the gated community’s security were there going over the house together. Of course they asked us questions, but knew that we had nothing to do with the abduction. Maybe an hour later we were allowed to leave and we returned to our studio to do some research on the clues we had found. We found nothing at all, on a whim I decided to bring Moshi into our investigation. Once we showed him the photo of the mark we found at Virgil’s house, Moshi nearly ran away from fright.

After he calmed down he told us that this was very serious and our friend was in grave danger, he would do what he could to find out as much information as he could. As soon as he was gone Marisa when outside and called out to Nox, I only know this because she soon called me on my cell to ask Eliza and I to join her. We told the goddess what had happened then showed her that strange symbol I took a picture of. Nox said it was the mark of a group calling themselves: ‘the people’ and we as human mortals might label them as goblins or something very much like that.

Marisa then asked Nox if the goddess could still make use of someone with her skills. Nox happily responded that she could indeed, so Marisa offered to become her minion. Nox request that we give them some privacy, Eliza and I went back to the studio. Later Marisa returned to the office her hair was much longer and she was wearing odd clothing so black they defied description. She was also very hungry and tired so we cooked a substantial meal for her, while she rested.

As she ate Marisa told us that she had spent over a year training with Nox and had learned a few of her secrets. To us she’d only been gone maybe five minutes, however she did look like she hadn’t been sleeping or eating enough and she had changed ever so slightly as people do over the course of time, so I believed her and Marisa had never given me any reason to doubt her at all. We spent some time getting caught up with our friend again and letting her recover, so now it felt like the right time to check-in with Moshi. We called his cell and as it turned out, he uncovered a great deal of information for us already.

We drove out to meet him and he had asked us to bring a few inexpensive cigars as payment to one of his informants. We brought a number of the largest count boxes with us and even though we didn’t talk to him ourselves, but he seem impressed by the quantity and quality we gave to him. Moshi’s acquaintance reminded me of Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings, yet I’d never say that to him or Moshi.

The information that Moshi found out was that Virgil was be put on trial for crimes against ‘the people’ and he currently was being held somewhere in the Grand Canyon. Eliza booked us a flight under the show’s budget and soon we arrived in Arizona. We took the one of the many hiking trails down from the rim to the river. I spotted a campfire inside one of the caves and felt drawn to it, I told the other to indulge me for a bit and went to check it out.

I met a Native American looking woman that called herself ‘the canyon dweller’ she offered to teach me how to make a mystical healing salve. I gathered the items she told me to find, she showed me how prepare them, but I had to supply the words to make them work. Knowing a few words in a hand full on languages, I selected a small amount of Hebrew and was amazed that it actually worked. I crossed back over the river, though I am still not sure how I did it either time to rejoin my group. Then Moshi lead us to the place where Virgil was being held.

Riz’s perspective:

Everything is ruined forever.

Okay, scratch that. Shit is bad, though. Virgil’s place was seriously torn apart. Like… ransacked. The kind of thing you would expect to see from a kidnapping gone wrong. Now, SWAT doesn’t usually handle kidnapping, though if things go crazy and become a hostage situation, we definitely handle that. This was something different. There was a symbol on the back of the door that none of us recognized, and Zoey was able to tell that some of the damage was done by gothic-girl’s weapons.

So twice this bitch has been after Virgil, and twice I wasn’t there to help him out.

So while the other girls were sciencing stuff, and trying to figure out how to handle the situation, talking to Moshi about what he might know. I decided to go the only direction I could think of – I’m not good at waiting. I called on Nox, and… surprisingly enough, she showed up. She was able to tell us that the symbol was something like a court symbol – lots of things use it, though, so she wasn’t able to narrow it down. I gave Zoey that information… and then I asked Nox what working for her meant.

She was straightforward with me, which is more than I can say for the Vikings. So… I agreed. I signed up to join Team Nox.

The second I did, though, was the largest turning point in my life. Have you ever woken up to a pitch black room? It doesn’t matter how much your eyes are adjusted – there’s nothing. You have an idea of where things are, where you are… but you can’t be sure. There’s an end in sight when stuff like that happens. If you look really closely, you can usually see your hand in front of your face.

Nox took me to the Dark Realms. Which is exactly what it sounds like. There are things in the dark. I used to think that the things that went bump in the night were just figments. But… that’s not the case. They’re there. Biding their time. A common misconception is that light immediately banishes the shadows. And to a point, that’s true. But when Nox is involved… the Darkness is something that is a force all its own.

Darkness can overpower light. Consume it, and leave nothing behind but a hope that it will come back.

For the first few days I won’t lie and say I wasn’t scared. Endless night is not even the appropriate thing to call this – because that implies that there is day. Where I was, nothing had ever felt the touch of the sun. I was an outsider because I knew the feeling. I won’t tell you everything that happened. Some of it… it’s not meant to be told. I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, because words don’t work the same there as they do here.

The first thing I learned was how to see. You have to truly [i]see[/i] when you’re in the darkness. People say that black is the absence of color… but they’re wrong. There is a whole [i]rainbow[/i] of black. It’s… it’s indescribably beautiful and undeniably terrible at the same time. But in time, it became comfortable. I was able to exist as the shadows did, and though it took time… I learned to embrace the darkness as more than just a lack of light.

Darkness is what will swallow the universe. Darkness is the end of everything. Darkness came before, and it will be there when everything is said and done. And it’s my home, now.

I learned to wrap myself in it for protection. I learned to call it to myself in need. It’s the language of the dark, and it’s hard to give to people. But I will learn it, slowly but surely. As much as I hate to say it – I want to impress Nox. I don’t want her to regret taking an interest in me, and giving me her mantle. I may not show this side to my friends, because they wouldn’t… couldn’t understand.

I got back, and though I’d been gone for a year and a day, my life resumed only moments later. I have a much greater understanding of magic now, and how power truly works in this world. Kind of surprising, considering I’m definitely not the brains of the outfit.

I couldn’t eat much, but I will tell you that the one thing the world has going for it is food. My god, it’s delicious. Shadow food is good, too, don’t get me wrong, but it’s… thin.

They had a better idea of what our next move was, and we went with Moochie to find a man under a bridge. The man told us everything we needed to know – and it was off to the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been, so it was kind of exciting. Though apparently, they don’t let you climb that sort of thing. We went on down to the bottom, and when we got there… Zoey found something.

I don’t know what, but I recognized what was happening to her. When she ‘came back’, she gave Eliza some salve to help her with the bruises and scrapes ( these girls are not rough and tumble, but I love’m well enough ). She was… better. Like, immediately. So clearly Zoey had gained some sort of healing magic. That could definitely come in useful in the future. With that behind us, we went into the cave where Virgil was held captive.

I brought two guns, just in case.

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